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Brush Off! 180 degree Rotating Lint Brush

Item#: 73401

Household Essentials Brush Off! Rotating Lint Brush gently brushes away lint, hair, and debris.  This handy brush is reusable and more eco-friendly than its disposable alternatives.  The red textured brush instantly removes lint, pet hair, fuzz, and dust quickly and effectively--without adhesive--so it is safe to use on even delicate fabrics.  But best of all, this brush head rotates a full 180 degrees at the touch of the button, so you can switch hands and angles quickly and easily.  One-handed operation makes it quick and easy to use.  Ideal for home, office, car, or travel, this brush gently lifts away unwanted hair, dust, dandruff, and lint, leaving your polished and presentable wherever you are.  The brush fits comfortably in your hand.  It's 9.75 inches high, 2.5 inches wide, and 1.625 inches deep.  Perfect for pet hair, clothes, furniture, and car seats!  

  • Easy-to-use lint brush with 180° rotating head for quick use and cleaning
  • Single-hand operation for cleaning up with your hands full
  • Fiber brush catches and traps lint and dust effectively
  • Can be cleaned out to be reused over and over again
  • An effective, environmentally-sustainable option with less waste than disposable lint rollers
  • Ideal for pet hair, cloths, furniture, and car seats
  • 9.75 inches high, 2.312 inches wide, and 1.25 inches deep

Color: Black, red

9.75h x 2.5w x 1.625d inch

This reusable product is a more environmentally-sustainable alternative to adhesive lint rollers, creating less waste without sacrificing performance.

And it's bright, vibrant red color is just fun.  So brush against the grain and gather up that dust, hair, and debris.  Look good and feel good too.

Simple to use!
Brush on area to easily pick up lint, pet hair, and more.  Rotate brush to switch direction for most comfortable use.

To clean:
Brush off on hand or any material in the opposite direction.

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