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Bamboo Shoe Tray, Natural

Item#: 2175

Household Essentials Bamboo Shoe Tray treats your soles and feet well!  Made of renewable, eco-friendly bamboo, this bamboo tray is a multipurpose tool that protects of home and your things.  The 7-slat platform is raised, with protective, non-skid feet underneath to protect your flooring and allow air to circulate around the tray and your shoes.  This elevation dries shoes faster, and keeps the tray in top condition--making it the perfect entryway shoe storage.  And drying and storing shoes up off the floor protects your floor long term.  Salt and water wear down flooring.  This tray helps reduce the wear and tear of winter and summer weather on the largest surface in your home.  But even better, this tray can also be used to create your own spa at home.  It fits into your tub or shower, lifting your feet off the floor for a spa-style experience.  Turn your bath into an inviting sauna or steam room and treat yourself to something special.  This versatile bamboo shoe tray really is something.  The tray measures 1.1 inches high, 20.68 inches wide, and 13.75 inches deep.


  • 7 slat bamboo shoe tray with protective NON-SKID feet for entryway shoe storage that keeps shoes directly off flooring
  • Can be used in a shower or bath for a salon-style experience (sauna or steam room in your own home!)
  • Allows air to flow around shoes to help them dry faster
  • Protects your floor from water and salt from winter roads
  • Keeps home more sanitary by keeping dirty soles from tracking dirt and grime inside
  • Eco-friendly bamboo resists warping
  • For indoor use or outdoor use on a covered porch or patio
  • 1.1 inches high, 20.68 inches wide, and 13.75 inches deep

Color: Natural

1.1h x 20.86w x 13.75d inch
2.79 x 52.9 x 34.9 cm

Why bamboo?
Bamboo is a quick-growing grass behaves a lot like wood. It is extremely strong and durable, making it a favorite construction material for sustainable building projects. Its strength, durability, and water-resistance also make it a go-to for kitchen utensils and even musical instruments. Because it grows so quickly, its supply is easier to maintain at healthy levels. With bamboo, there is less chance of deforestation and depleting supplies. It's beauty makes it appealing, it's strength makes it dependable, and its quick-growth makes it sustainable. A more sanitary home! Our shoes take us everywhere--from work, to the store, to the park, to the zoo, to home. Foot traffic brings a lot of stuff into your home--and not always the kind of stuff you want. Protect your home and everyone who lives there by keeping it the safe and clean place it should be. Taking off your shoes when you enter your home is just one simple way to keep your home cleaner and safer. And entryway shoe storage with this bamboo shoe tray makes that easier to do.

On carpet:
Shoes wear down carpet faster than unshod feet. They also bring in dirt, dust, and germs that get trapped in the carpet's fibers. Cleaning carpets it tough work, and it also breaks down the carpet fibers, making the carpet more brittle. All in all, taking off your shoes is a simple way to extend the life of your carpet and keep in looking better longer.

On wood:
Wood is hardy. That's why is has long been the preferred material for flooring. Still, salt residue and water do have an effect. Taking off your shoes, especially in winter, reduces the amount of residual salt left on flooring that can easy away at finishes and seals. And as with carpet, shoes track in dirt and germs from outside. Taking off your shoes keeps those unwelcome stowaways far from the heart of your home.

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