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Bamboo Open-Slat Laundry Hamper

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This natural bamboo open-slat hamper from Household Essentials brings a stylish and functional solution to laundry care.

This natural bamboo open-slat hamper from Household Essentials brings a stylish and functional solution to laundry care.
Option: Natural, Natural bag
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Bamboo Open-Slat Hamper makes dirty laundry a clean affair! This bamboo laundry hamper is the perfect option for anyone looking for a functional and stylish laundry solution. The frame is made of all natural bamboo, which is not only environmentally friendly but adds a warm, earthy beauty to any room. A natural cotton bag hangs inside the hamper on strong wooden dowels. These dowels will not only support the weight of the week's worth of laundry, but are also easily removable when it comes time to transport the bag. A hinged lid helps conceal and contain the contents of the hamper, contributing to a neat look while also making loading and unloading laundry hassle-free. 

Bamboo is a natural wood that is not only beautiful and sustainable but also odor resistant. The hamper’s bamboo frame, slatted design and cotton bag all work together to encourage better airflow, preventing the build-up of stale, musty odors from dirty laundry or trapped moisture. The cotton bag is also washable should it take on any stains or odors. This will help keep both your closet and room smelling fresh until laundry day and every day in between.  Use this laundry hamper to keep any room of your home clear of dirty clothes and linens, all while adding a stylish and sophisticated look. Despite having a solid frame, this hamper saves on space while not in use. Simply fold the frame up for storage and easily take it back out when needed again. This is a great space saver for any type of home, including smaller living quarters such as apartments and dorms. This bamboo laundry hamper combines an environmentally conscious outlook with functional, high-quality design. With its natural beauty, breathable materials and convenience, this laundry hamper is an eye-catching solution for anyone’s laundry organization.

  • Laundry hamper with open-slat bamboo construction holds 2 loads of laundry
  • Open slats ventilate laundry
  • Hinged lid
  • No tools required
  • Folds flat for storage

Color: Natural, Natural bag

23.62h x 21.06w x 14.76d inch
59.9 x 53.4 x 37.4 cm

Parts Material Specs, Hardware, and Finish
Component Parts Specs and Size
Frame 25 mm bamboo strip, 12 hinges
Bottom board Plywood, 330 x 475 mm
Top cover 26 mm bamboo strip
Bag with handle 80/20 polycotton; Bamboo rod handle dia: 15 mm
Bag dimensions (inches) 19.29 H x 17.32 W x 12.6 D
Fabric wt. per sq. yd.  125 g
Finish Clear
Product set-up dimensions (inches) 23.62 H x 21.06 W x 14.76 D

Enjoyable design!
The open-slat bamboo frame is highly durable, simply attractive.  It's slats let air flow around the laundry to help it stay aired out.  ,

Time for washing?
No problem at all! Simply lift the bag from the hamper, slide off of the rods and head to the washing machine. When the hamper is not in use, the hinged lid and side panels collapse this sturdy unit down flat for storage.

Nicely sized!
This hamper is the perfect size for any bathroom, bedroom, utility room, closet, or laundry room and offers a maximum amount of space for your clothes, linens and towels. A natural bamboo hamper in every room will make your household cleaning so much more efficient. This is a laundry solution you just can't live without!

At Household Essentials, we design and craft our items with function and style in mind. Our natural bamboo open-slat hamper is the perfect solution for your laundry stress. Keep those dirties in check with this easy-to-use, goes-in-any-room lidded hamper. Enjoy, from our Household to yours.

To use this large-sized hamper:

Simply fold out the side panels, place the sturdy wood bottom inside the frame, slip the oversized natural cotton bag over the easy-to-remove hanger rods and set inside the hamper rim. Lower the hinged lid, and your brand new bamboo hamper is ready for convenient service.

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  • Perfect

    5 of 5   Posted by: Debbie on 06/05/2021

    This took me about 1 minute to assemble. It couldn't have been easier. Exactly what I was looking for.

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