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Bamboo 4-Shelf Cube Tower, Slatted

Item#: 2180-1

Household Essentials Bamboo 4-Shelf Cube Tower is a perfect little piece of furniture.  This free-standing set of bamboo shelves is perfect for bathroom and bedroom storage, or even display storage in living rooms and entertainment areas.  The shelves are made of bamboo slats placed flush against each other for a smooth and strong shelf.  Perfect as a compact bookcase.  The spacious shelves have 12.5-inch vertical clearance, so they can easily be used as display shelves or even storage shelves for clothing stacks or storage bins.  The 4-shelf storage tower is lightweight and sturdy--simple and attractive.  It's the perfect addition to your home.  The unit is 46.06 inches high, 14.96 inches wide, and 14 inches deep.

  • Bamboo 4-shelf cube tower
  • Flush slatted shelves for a smooth surface
  • Spacious shelves with 12.5-inch vertical clearance
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • 46.06 inches high, 14.96 inches wide, and 14 inches deep
  • 3.75-inch space below lowest shelf
  • Easy assembly

Color: Natural

46.06h x 14.96w x 14d inch
116. x 37.9 x 35.5 cm

Space between supports (clearance):
13 inches (width); 12 inches (deep)

Why bamboo?
Bamboo is a quick-growing grass behaves a lot like wood.  It is extremely strong and durable, making it a favorite construction material for sustainable building projects.  Its strength, durability, and water-resistance also make it a go-to for kitchen utensils and even musical instruments.  Because it grows so quickly, its supply is easier to maintain at healthy levels.  With bamboo, there is less chance of deforestation and depleting supplies.  It's beauty makes it appealing, it's strength makes it dependable, and its quick-growth makes it sustainable.

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