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165 Ft Aluminum Umbrella Outdoor Dryer

Item#: 17120-1  | Customer Reviews: 3 of 5 (3 reviews)

Umbrella Dryer with angled lines to increase airflow, improving circulation throughout your hanging garments.

Umbrella Dryer with angled lines to increase airflow, improving circulation throughout your hanging garments.
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Umbrella Dryer with 165 feet of drying space makes enjoying the freshness of drying your clothes in sunshine and breezes utterly simple. This umbrella dryer has a galvanized steel post and aluminum upper structure.  It has an inverted umbrella design.  Its angled lines increase airflow, improving circulation throughout your hanging garments. Its 12 lines let you air multiple loads at once, giving all your clothes that sun-kissed scent. This dryer, with its lightweight aluminum top, rotates in its base for easy access. With its fold down structure and ground sleeve, it is easily removed and stored during inclement weather, protecting your dryer and keeping your lines clean. So take a step back in time and hang your laundry like Grandma--reap the benefits in spirit and lower utility bills. Thanks, Umbrella Dryer.  

This umbrella dryer has a clothesline spread of 73 inches x 73 inches.  Uninstalled, the center post is 75 inches tall, and the lines reach 94 inches high.  We recommend installing the dryer approx. 18 inches deep into the ground so that the top lines are about 6 feet off the ground.

Includes ground sleeve.

  • Outdoor umbrella style clothesline dryer with 12 lines and 165 feet of drying space
  • Aluminum upper structure with 1.5" DIA rust-resistant galvanized steel post
  • Completely pre-strung and ready for installation (concrete in ground)
  • Includes ground sleeve
  • 72 inches high (recommended installation height) x 73 inches wide x 73 inches deep; uninstalled: 94 inches high
  • Folds completely for storage
  • 1 year warranty

Color: Silver

94h x 73w x 73d inch (opened, but not installed)
182.8 x 185.4 x 185.4 cm

Recommended intallation height: 6 feet (buried approx. 22 inches deep)


Center post: 1.5 inches dia. X 75 inches H

Installation with Ground Sleeve:
(1) Dig a hold 8-12 inches in diameter and 20 inches deep that is wide at the bottom than at the top. 
(2) Fill the hole with about 3 inches of small rocks, then pour about 6 inches of concrete into the hole (or until concrete comes to the bottom of the ground sleeve when held flush with the ground). 
(3) Holding the sleeve in place, finish filling the hole with concrete (you may leave a small gap to fill in with dirt and grass if you wish). 
(4) Immediately run a stick or tube through the sleeve and through the concrete to the rock base to allow water to drain. 
(5) Insert the lower vertical pole of the dryer into the sleeve, then use a level to align the pole vertically. 
(6) Remove pole and allow concrete to set fully, then install your dryer.

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  • Model 1600: Umbrella Air Dryer

    5 of 5   Posted by: Rob & Sherri on 05/04/2016

    Great product. Have been using a model 1600 for over ten years now. Really cuts down on use of electric/gas indoor drier. Holds robust loads of wet laundry even under strong winds, but my first one collapsed under a severe storm gust. Proper installation of ground sleeve is important so that it is true vertical and drains properly (NOTE: although galvanized, be sure to spray the steel parts with WD-40 to inhibit rust). Simple to operate; collapses very easily for (winter) storage, but can be fussy to reopen if the lines get tangled. Vinyl clothesline and plastic parts are very durable and long-lasting.

    HHE Reply:
    Hi Rob & Sherri. Thank you for that thorough review. There's nothing like 10 years of using a product to make you an expert in it. Those are great tips to keep the dryer working its best as long as possible (ex. installing the ground sleeve properly, taking the dryer in over winter, and spraying it down to further protect against rust). A tip to reduce tangled lines: After lines are lowered, but before the dryer is removed from the sleeve, tie the lines hanging on either side of the center pole together. This keeps the lines on the correct side of the pole and dramatically reduces tangles later! Thank you, again, for sharing your experience and thoughts. We really appreciate the feedback.
  • Great Product but missing parts

    3 of 5   Posted by: Augs on 04/02/2018

    I gave it a 3 because I love it but I’m missing parts just bought it today and wanted to get it all set up for fall and summer use but missing the ground sleeve.

    HHE Reply:
    That is frustrating! I'm so sorry to hear that. If it was not in the box, please give us a call at 1-800-922-5524. We will send one out to you right away.
  • Junk

    1 of 5   Posted by: gerry on 05/24/2018

    Plastic ? Plastic every where. plastic connectors that holds it together. Loose. Nothing but junk. What happen to all metal or aluminum connectors. Better not hang your clothes out on a slight breeze. You will find your clothes on the ground with those wonderful plastic connectors have failed., The plastic coated line that you put your clothes on!! Where it is threaded thru the eyelets are cut do to the sharp edges. You spend hard earned money for junk like this. Household essential Company. You must be proud to sell this junk .

    HHE Reply:
    Hello Gerry. Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into the eyelets in particular. As you say, we can't have them cutting the clothesline. This item has been part of our line for a long time, and it has done very well. I'm sorry that it has so thoroughly disappointed you. I cannot tell from the review if your connectors did fail or if you're concerned that they will. The dryer is aluminum and steel: aluminum arms and steel pole. The handles and connectors are weather-resistant plastic (to reduce risk of rusting from metal sliding on metal). Yes, we are proud to sell these outdoor dryers--and because of that we are looking at them again with your feedback in mind. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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