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3-Tier Utility Storage Cart

Item#: 5133-1  | Customer Reviews: 4 of 5 (1 review)

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Turn that unused space into well-used space with this 3-tier storage cart.

Turn that unused space into well-used space with this 3-tier storage cart.
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS 9 in. Utility Cart turns that unused space into well-used space with this 3-tier storage cart. Its sleek design slides easily into just 10 in. of space. Slip it between the washer and dryer or in a utility or mud room! Its sturdy steel frame and casters keep it easily mobile. With its clean environmentally friendly CHROMELIKE luxurious powder coat finish
and three storage baskets effortlessly accommodating standard and oversized laundry bottles and boxes, this crafty little cart may soon be your favorite appliance.

  • 9", 3-tier utility cart that fits in just 10” of space
  • Sturdy steel frame with 3 convenient storage baskets
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Holds larger size laundry bottles and boxes
  • Easy assembly: no tools required
  • Environmentally friendly CHROMELIKE luxurious powder coat finish

Color: Environmentally friendly CHROMELIKE luxurious powder coat finish

33h x 26w x 9d inch
83.8 x 66.0 x 22.8 cm

Interior basket dimensions:
3 H x 23.375 W x 7.75 D inches (tapers to 22.375 x 6.75 at the bottom)

Transform the working rooms in your home!
Laundry and utility rooms can quickly become disorganized spaces full of cartons, boxes, and bottles. This handy storage cart holds all of your laundry needs in the compact space between your washer and dryer to save you time! No more rummaging through containers on the floor or on hard-to-reach shelves above your head. Simply roll this storage cart out from between your appliances, and your items are close at hand and easy to find. And there’s no gooey rings of soap beneath your bottles, either! The open wire basket shelves prevent liquid damage to appliances and shelving, keeping your bottles free of crust and grime. The sturdy construction withstands even the heaviest of detergent boxes and bottles and holds the economy size containers from your favorite store. Managing your laundry supplies has never been cleaner, more mobile, or more accessible than it is with this amply-sized rolling storage cart. Perhaps add a second unit for sports equipment, cleaning supplies, or pantry overflow. There’s simply no limit to what this 9 in. of wonder space can do for you!

At Household Essentials we make the most out of even your tiniest, most underused spaces so you can maximize every inch of your home. With the 3-tier storage cart, your laundry or utility room goes from drastic to fantastic in no time at all. These 9” will change your space!

CHROMELIKE is a new revolutionary powder coat paint that is the cleanest and closest thing to real chrome plating ever seen.  It is brighter and shinier than anything seen in the market place before.  All of this with the added value of being environmentally friendly.  Chrome plating factories are closing at a rapid rate all over the World due to the toxic and chemical concerns with the chrome plating process.     

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  • looks good

    4 of 5   Posted by: chris on 08/31/2019

    i cant give it a 5 because the bottom 2 rack the bottles will not stand up straight has it shows in the picture

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