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6-pack Shoe ReFresh Cedar Sachets

Item#: 58106

Household Essentials Shoe ReFresh Cedar Sachets keep your shoes fresher--from the inside out.  The sachets in this 6-pack set are small cotton pouches filled with aromatic cedar shavings to help neutralize odors and absorb excess moisture.  Fitting a sachet in the toe or heel of your shoe helps shoes smell and feel better.   The  soft cotton pouch fits nearly any shape of shoe, with a contoured end to fit better into the toe.  With a slip cover design, these pouches can be fixed on tree-styled shoes racks or simply slipped into the toe of your shoe while it patiently waits on the floor (or under the bed!).  Ideal for boots, sports shoes, casual wear and more.  Protect your shoes from lingering moisture trapped in their toes and banish smelly spots.  Freshen footwear naturally and effortlessly with these Cedar inserts.  Take them on your travels and stay footloose and odor-free.  Sachets are 4 inches high, 2.875 inches wide, and1.25 inches deep.

  • Set of 6 cotton pouches filled with red cedar shavings that safely freshen and protect shoes
  • Can be fixed to shoe trees or placed directly inside shoes
  • Fits into the shoe to absorb odors and moisture for better smelling and fitting shoes
  • Easily refreshed by shaking the bag to bring fresh shavings to the surface
  • Uses natural wood oils to freshen and protect for eco-friendly shoe care
  • Filled with 100% red cedar shavings from renewable forests
  • Non-staining, natural cedar naturally freshens and repels pests and mustiness
  • Eco-friendly, renewable, and chemical-free
  • Ideal for seasonal storage and fabric and athletic shoes
  • 4 inches high, 2.875 inches wide, and 1.25 inches deep


4h x 2.875w x 1.25d inch
10.1 x 7.30 x 3.17 cm

Who is CedarFresh?
For more than 25 years, Cedar Fresh has offered the highest quality cedar home storage products and accessories made from 100% eastern red cedar. Red cedar naturally freshens closed spaces and repels moths, mildew, and mustiness without harsh chemicals and residues. This self-renewing, non-endangered resource provides the best in safe, natural protection for your home, office, dorm, boat, or RV. The power of the cedar is in the wood's oils. To restore the wood's natural fragrance and repellent properties, lightly sand your cedar products with sandpaper or spray the wood with Cedar Power Spray.

How to refresh your cedar sachet:

1. Give it a shake. Shaking the pouch brings new shaving in contact with the pouch and air, refreshing its cedar aroma and protection.

2. Spritz the shavings with cedar oil. The oil will coat the shaving and give your sachet and new freshness.

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