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3 ct. MightyStor Large Flat Vacuum Bag

Item#: 4501

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The MightyStor Vacuum Bags is the safe way to compactly store and protect your favorite things.

The MightyStor Vacuum Bags is the safe way to compactly store and protect your favorite things.
Option: Large Flat
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS MightyStor Large Flat Vacuum Bags help make packing up and storing your clothing and linens super easy. This set of vacuum storage bags comes with 3 large, flat bags--the most versatile of the vacuum bags. Each of the bags holds the equivalent of 12 sweaters. Whether you are rotating clothing sizes from one family member to another or merely switching summer clothes for winter, flat bags provide quick, accessible, space-saving storage that each member of the family can take advantage of. The bag has a sturdy zipper-slide for easy and secure close. The bag also has a unique vacuum valve to keep air out, so your clothing stays safe and protected. And, as always, MightyStor Vacuum Bags are air-tight, water-tight, and reusable.  

This 3-piece set of large flat vacuum bags is for use with a standard vacuum hose.  Each bag measures 1 inch high, 21.7 inches wide, 35.4 inches deep.

  • Set 3 MightyStor Large Flat Vacuum Bags
  • Triples your storage space
  • Air-tight, water-tight, and reusable
  • Double, sure lock closure
  • One way air valve
  • Each holds up to 12 sweaters
  • Protects from mildew, moisture, insects, and dirt
  • Keeps stored items clean and fresh
  • Better protection for your favorite things
  • For use with standard vacuum hose
  • 1 inch high, 21.7 inches wide, 35.4 inches

Color: Clear

1h x 21.7w x 35.4d inch
2.54 x 55.1 x 89.9 cm

MightyStor vacuum bags are strong and durable, designed to be used over and over again. Simply open the bag and fill. Each bag features the double, sure-lock closure for a solid seal every time. A finger grip runs the enter length of the closure, so you have an easy guide to grab and follow to press and seal your bag on the first try.

Easy to use:
When the bag is sealed, remove the air from the bag with any standard vacuum hose. The one way air valve ensures steady air removal. Your contents quickly begin to compress as the air excess air is sucked away. What remains is protected, compacted storage that gives space and peace of mind. Vacuum Bags do what the best organized minds cannot do alone: they create space where there is none by quite literally sucking the air out of the room. By removing the excess air, your things take up less space, so you have more room for the things of daily living. Even better, when you are ready to use your stored items again, they spring back as fresh and clean as the day you put them away.

Best way to protect your things:
So these MightyStor Vacuum bags are the best of the storage world, providing space in your closets and wardrobes while also protecting and preserving your favorite and best things from the hazards of storage everywhere: mildew, moisture, insects, and dirt. The bags are air-tight and water-tight, so you can store with confidence that your things are well protected. 

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