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2-Tier Tripod Clothes Dryer

Item#: 5012-1  | Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (1 review)

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2x the hanging space on this tripod triangle clothes dryer with 2 tiers of hanging space and a bottom tier that folds up!

2x the hanging space on this tripod triangle clothes dryer with 2 tiers of hanging space and a bottom tier that folds up!
Option: Blue, gray
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS 2-Tier Tripod Clothes Dryer revolutionizes the way you do laundry. This patented 2-tier clothes dryer from Household Essentials does it better than ever. Now, with two levels of redesigned arms for even better strength and stability!  It also gives you more drying options—with space for up to 72 hangers!  And because the portable tripod dryer works with standard hangers, you move from drying rack to closet nearly effortlessly. Its tripod design is the sturdiest available, allowing you to balance your clothing better, for an overall better experience that saves money and energy—naturally. The 6 arms can hold up to 6.6 lbs each. The Tripod Air Dryer holds approx. 39.6 lbs overall.

So don’t be fooled by imitations. Get the best. Get the versatile, sturdy, and attractive 2–tier tripod clothes dryer. Brought to you by Household Essentials, where we work hard to bring you the best in laundry and storage now, then, and in years to come.

  • Tri-pod clothes dryer and clothes rack designed for maximum stability
  • 2-Tiers of hanging space: holds up to 72 garments
  • Newly re-designed arms for even more strength and stability
  • Adjustable height on telescoping arm
  • Hangers fit through and on hanger slots for wrinkle-free air drying
  • Transportable
  • Foldable and collapsible for easy storage: separates into two parts
  • Easy, no-tools assembly
  • For indoor and temporary outdoor use!

Color: Blue and gray

70-77.5h x 26w x 26d inch
177.8-196.9 x 66 x 66 cm

Sleek and portable!
This tripod clothes dryer goes where you need it. Set it up inside in your laundry room, mudroom, bedroom, or basement for instant hanging space. Use it to air dryer delicates or hold freshly ironing pieces. Or use it as a garment rack or valet when getting ready! The dryer features an interlocking design that allows it to be taken apart and stored compactly, so you can keep it out of sight when not in use or even take it with you on the go.

Ideal for home, dorm, and travel!
This versatile tripod fits your lifestyle. Bring it on a camping trip for instant drying space that doesn’t require a tree in the right spot. Take with you on the RV or long boat trip. The tripod clothes dryer is most often used indoors, but it is perfect for a temporary outdoor unit. Set it up, dry your clothing in the sunshine, and bring it back inside. No need to worry over dirty lines.

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  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: Bill on 12/07/2016

    FYI; we like to air dry some of our clothes; ie. shirts, slacks, etc. Even in damp and rainy Oregon where we live these clothes usually dry in 2-3 days inside our home. In summer we have outside drying poles under an awning. We just had new custom red oak doors installed throughout our home. We did not want to damage the new door casings and trim hanging up our old drying poles we had installed between the door openings. So when we researched drying alternatives to our old system we came across your drying rack; it really works very well. The rack holds loads of wet clothes, even my heavy hunting clothes, and they dry within a couple days. We usually set the rack up out of the way in Dee's (my wife's) sewing room in a corner and we hardly know they are there until the clothes are completely dry. When done, we fold the rack up and store it in a closet out of the way; quite handy. Thanks for making such a great product.

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