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12-inch Glidez Sliding Pantry Organizer, White

Item#: 1215-1  | Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (1 review)

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The 12-inch Single Basket Sliding Organizer fits on most 16" deep wire or solid shelves.

The 12-inch Single Basket Sliding Organizer fits on most 16" deep wire or solid shelves.
Option: 12 inch
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS 12-inch Glidez Sliding Pantry Organizer helps you to organize your pantry shelves easily and efficiently.  Made of sturdy, 4-milimeter white wire, this single basket is strong but lightweight, so it won’t overstress your shelving. The sliding organizer fits on most 16-inch-deep pantry shelves and instantly brings the back of your cabinet to you. The organizer can be attached to both wire and solid shelves. Our sturdy, full extension ball-bearing glides help keep every inch of your pantry space within easy reach. Our easy-to-use glides come fully assembled, so you can transform your pantry quickly and with less mess. This sliding pantry organizer measures 5 inches tall, 12 inches from side to side, and 16 inches from back to front. The basket is 3.25 inches tall.

  • 12-inch, single basket sliding organizer
  • Fits most 16-inch-deep pantry shelves
  • Mounts to wire and solid shelving
  • Lightweight, 4 millimeter wire
  • Full-extension glides
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Quikfit technology for easy installation (all hardware included)
  • Includes basket liner
  • 5" H x 12" W x 16" D
  • BASKET: 3.25" H

Color: White

5" H x 12" W x 16" D
BASKET: 3.25" H


Sturdy wire construction holds up!

Full Extension Ball Bearing Glides insure
ease of movement and access

Quickfit™-fully assembled
glides are easy to install
Quikfit technology makes installation easy! Our organizers also come equipped with Glidez Quikfit technology, providing easy installation. Glidez is the leader in under cabinet organizers, bringing you the quality and efficiency you need to elegantly and easily organize the rooms in your home. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or the laundry room; whether storing sponges, dish soap, towels, or toiletries, you will discover the simple ease of always finding exactly what you need'just step aside and glide.

At Household Essentials, we work hard to anticipate your laundry and storage needs. The 15-inch Sliding Pantry Organizer is just one of the many products we offer to make your living space more beautiful and efficient.

1. Mark the location of the holes

2. Drill the pilot holes at 
marked locations

3. Use provided screws to secure
glides into pre-drilled holes

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  • An organized pantry for under $300!

    5 of 5   Posted by: plaramee on 07/18/2020

    I love, love, love these sliding baskets! They are the only ones I found that are specifically made for ventilated shelving. I bought 9 of these (3 12" and 6 15") and my husband installed them pretty easily. They are sturdy, they slide easily and hold lots of stuff! No more bottles tipping over or boxes hidden in the back corner where they can expire. I will be ordering more to organize my cleaning closet and laundry room. I can find a million uses for these! The price is exceptional!

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