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10-pk. Cedar Panels for Cedarline and CedarStow

Item#: 25012-1

Household Essentials Cedar Panels for Cedarline and CedarStow are here!  The luxurious Cedar panels made from 100% aromatic red cedar instantly improve the look and feel of your closet.  Panels fit together using a secure tongue and groove attachment, allowing planks to be joined and un-joined as needed to adapt to your changing storage and organization needs.   These cedar panels fit the sleek and natural Cedarline Collection and the luxurious CedarStow for natural freshness that transforms your closet into a cedar closet.  Lying flat, each panel measures 0.36 inches high, 11.25 inches wide, and 3.82 inches deep.

  • 10 interlocking cedar panels for use with Cedarline and CedarStow closet organizers
  • Panels are made of 100% eastern red cedar for natural and renewable freshness and protection for your closets and clothing
  • Can be arranged as single panels or interlocked to form a larger base
  • Smoothed so as not to snag clothing and linens
  • Long-lasting, refreshable cedar scent
  • 0.36 inches high, 11.25 inches wide, and 3.82 inches deep


0.3625h x 11.25w x 3.825d inch
0.92 x 28.5 x 9.71 cm

How to refresh your cedar:
Cedar wood's freshness comes from the woods aromatic oils. What happens is the oil is exposed to the air on the surface of the wood fibers and eventually gets used up. You can restore those oils in one of two easy ways:

1. Sand it! Sanding your natural cedar exposes new fibers to the air, instantly refreshing its scent and protective qualities. And it can be sanded over and over again, for lasting freshness. It's a good idea to sand your cedar at least once a year.

2. Oil it! Cedar Fresh cedar oil is made from essential cedar oil. Spraying this oil on cedar wood puts the aromatic oil back on the surface of the wood, restoring its freshness and effectiveness.

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