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Posts for June 2020

  • How to have a safe and fun 4th of July celebration by Household Essentials
    06/26/2020... Can you smell the hotdogs and hamburgers? Can you feel the splash of the ocean waves as you watch the fighter jets zoom above you for the annual Air Show? Can you taste the ice-cold ice cream as you watch the fireworks from afar? Fireworks, picnics, pool-side parties, beach gatherings, and parades all make up the fun festivities of the Fourth of July. With all the fun memories being made, it is also important to follow some simple tips that will help keep you, your family, and friends safe from any danger or accidents. We compressed several safety tips that were recommended by FEMA (The US Department of Homeland Services) and The American Red Cross so that you can take preventative measures beforehand this Fourth of July.
  • How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Patio by Household Essentials
    06/22/2020... So many Summer memories are made on a Patio. This is where the BBQs, firepits, and long conversations happen. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a sensational and inspirational patio that will be unforgettable. Here are is a general checklist on how you can create a great outdoor patio that your friends and family could enjoy.
  • Ways to have fun with family this summer while social distancing by Household Essentials
    06/12/2020... Summer 2020 is going to be a summer like no other. Many of us in the world are ready to get back to normal, but it looks like social distancing is going to be our new normal for a little while longer.
  • Office Organization by Household Essentials
    06/08/2020... Have you ever wondered why you feel more at peace after cleaning your home or organizing your closet or desk? Here are Seven Tips to Scale Up your Office Organization
  • Testimonials 2 by Household Essentials
    06/01/2020... Household Essentials goal is to provide and service all customer needs. Here are a few comments from our customers.