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Ways to have fun with family this summer while social distancing

by Household Essentials • June 12, 2020
Summer 2020 is going to be a summer like no other. Many of us in the world are ready to get back to normal, but it looks like social distancing is going to be our new normal for a little while longer. 
Amidst this new normal, who says you can’t have fun while social distancing. Well, where there is a will, there is a way!
Here are some fun things to do with your friends and family all while practicing safe social distancing.

Host a Social Distancing BBQ or Picnic

Grab a group of 7-10 of your closest friends or family members and host the greatest social distancing BBQ or picnic ever! Store your drinks in a thermal bag cooler, turn on some background music, and enjoy each other’s company while keeping 6 feet apart. Instead of having food laid out on the table, have your guests bring their own food or have packaged food for your guests to grab. 
If you still want to have a good old fashioned BBQ, a good alternative would be to create Hamburger or Hotdog Kits. What is a Hamburger or Hotdog Kit you ask? 
A Hamburger or Hotdog Kit is a Ziploc baggy with the Hamburger or hotdog, the bread, and all the fixings. This makes it easy for your guests to just grab the kit and make their delicious BBQ’d meal 6 feet apart from everyone else. 
Genius, we know!

Cool off with Water Balloons

Instead of going to the public pool, why not bring out the water balloons! There is nothing more fun than a water balloon fight during the summer. Go a step further and bring out the water guns and sprinklers for more fun in the summer sun. 
When you are all done with the water shenanigans, you can hang all your wet clothes in the sun on a drying rack like the bamboo clothes dryer.

Go for Nature Walks

Call up a few friends, grab your sneakers, and hit the trails. With most hiking trails open by now, spending time in nature is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

Go to the Zoo online

Visiting a Zoo Online? Who has ever heard of such a thing? Although nothing beats seeing a giraffe in real life, seeing one virtually is the next best thing!
The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute have Live webcams of animals such as Lions, Elephants, and Pandas!
Check them out here:

Bake a delicious pizza on our ceramic pizza stone, grab a few sodas, and gather the family to enjoy the live footage of these amazing animals.

Summer this year doesn’t have to be boring. With a little creativity, Summer 2020 can still be a memorable one, full of adventure and fun!
We hope you find these tips helpful! Reach out to us if you have a topic you would like us to write about! 


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