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Water Worth Drinking: What Taste Tells You

by Household Essentials • October 28, 2016

Water is in trouble.  At first the problem was purity.  That is, water wasn't pure enough.  It had gotten dirty--contaminated with muck and yuck from chemical processes and not-so-chemical processes.  Everything from growing food to washing our hair was messing up the quality of our water.  So we treated it and purified it.

We made it better--purer.  And that was good.  People didn't get sick from this water.

But we discovered a new problem.  We went a step too far in our enthusiasm.  We took out too much.  We NULLIFIED our water, stripped it down to nothing.  And it gave us nothing in return.  It gave us nothing bad.  But it also gave us nothing good.  Something had gone awry.

Learn to love water, and let water love you.

Laica loves water.  This Italian company saw the problem of over purified water and wanted to solve it--without undoing the good that purifying and filtering water had done for communities.  Enter the Mineralbalance water filtration pitcher.  The concept is deceptively simple: take out the bad and leave in the good.

Simple, right?  Yes, and no.  The theory is simple; the execution less so.  Fortunately, Laica figured it out and created the Laica water filtration system.  It's a water filtration pitcher whose filter takes out harmful additives like chlorine that get into water through water treatment (a very important process that kills the truly dreadful things that could be in water).  But its piece de resistance is leaving in the important minerals that give water its nutrient profile.  Namely, calcium and magnesium.

Nutrient profile, what?
The World Health Organization (WHO) considers water to be a nutrient.  Unfortunately, when water is over-treated and over-filtered, the very things that make it nutritious and healthful get taken out.  In fact, most bottled water and home filtration systems strip water to near empty.  So stripped water is basically empty of everything--bad AND good.  In our desire for healthy, safe water, we've striped down and filtered water right out of the nutrition zone. 

Oops.  Interestingly, we also stripped it of all taste and flavor.  Turns out the same things that made water nutritious also made it taste better.

For water to be a nutrient, it needs calcium and magnesium.  These specific minerals are considered fundamental for human health by the WHO*. These are key minerals – essential minerals – for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.   And calcium and magnesium are both normally in water.  But most water filtration systems remove calcium and magnesium along with the harmful chemicals left from water treatment and transport processes.

This leaves water empty and tasteless.  It is chemical water, but it is not nutrient water.

So self-check: do you filter your water at home?  Does your filter leave in vital minerals?  If you're not sure, or you are not using reverse osmosis as your filtration mechanism, then, dear friend, you are likely stripping your water.


Laica: Love of Water

So, you get the idea.  Laica's filtration system is unique.  It specifically leaves in minerals that give water its nutrient benefit.  More interesting, perhaps, it leaves in the minerals that give water is smooth taste.  Yes, TASTE. 

I took the pitcher home and tried it out.  I tried it out several times over, on myself and on guests.  I was worried it would be another gimmick.  So I wanted to put it through its paces.

Darned if I don't like it.  A lot.  I really do like how it tastes, possibly because I really don't taste anything.  One friend said it tastes really "pure".  Pure water?  Great!  I'll take it.

But my bigger praise is the pitcher.  That's not Laica's main selling point, but it's my favorite thing.  Well 2 favorite things.
  1. The pitcher takes up less floor space in my refrigerator (and fits in the door of the refrigerator at work!), so I'm rearranging less.
  2. I don't have to take the lid off to fill up the pitcher.  It's a small thing, I know, but I love that I can just turn the water on, fill the pitcher, turn the water off, and go.  One less step is a win for me in the morning.

**Studies conducted by independent laboratories show that the Laica bi-flux system offers an exclusive mineral balance formula that helps preserve the balance of calcium and magnesium that is naturally present in tap water as recommended by the World Health Organization.

FACT SHEET: The LAICA Stream 3000 Series

  Quality and value, elegance and function:

  • Takes up less space in the refrigerator (even fits in the most doors)
  • Fills and re-fills without taking off the lid
  • Pours from filtered water compartment only
  • 9.7 cup / 2.3 liter capacity (5 cup / 1.2 liter filtered at a time)
  What it filters:
  • Maintains essential mineral balance in water that other water filter pitchers and systems take out, like calcium and magnesium

  • Strips out chemicals introduced during water treatment and transport through pipes, like ammonium, BPA, Epichlorohydrin, Polyvinyl Chloride, Acrylamide, and taste of chlorine.

Laica is new to the US market.  This Italian company has taken Europe by storm with its water filtration technology!  Be among the first to ride the new wave of water filtration for delicious, nutritious water!

>>>Check it out at here.


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