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Top 5 Gifts for Him

by Household Essentials • December 02, 2016

The men have spoken!  The staff at Household Essentials picked out their favorite items this year.  Here were the top 5 from the gentlemen and for the gentlemen!

1. Standing Cooler
So we may not use is right away, but we love this cooler.  Love it best when we're grilling and can keep the cold drinks flowing without going inside!

2. Glidez Under-cabinet Organization
While these don't holler "gift", they are actually one of the best things we've got going.  They are strong and heavy duty.  But what we really like is not digging around in the back of a cabinet anymore.  Upgrades the kitchen nicely.

3. Cedar Gift Sets
Makes the closet smell nice.  Not too much, not too little.  Just a bit of a freshener.  Kind of woodsy.

4. Bamboo and Steel Shoe Rack.
It's big and long.  Fits boots.  Works for more than shoe storage.  For all those flimsy shoe racks out there, this is the one that puts you to shame!

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