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Top 5 Best Gifts for Home

by Household Essentials • December 02, 2016

We polled the staff at Household Essentials for their favorite items for home--ones they use already, want to use, or know make great gifts!  Some of the answers may surprise you.

1. Wall Mirrors
These things are HUGE, but so pretty.  And adding mirrors to a room brightens up a space so nicely.  That's why we like the mirrors.  They can go in any room and make that space look and feel bigger and brighter.

2. Storage Trunks
We're trying to downsize at home, so we need furniture that is multipurpose.  We love these trunks that can be coffee tables and side tables.  They look amazing AND give us a place to store blankets, games--just stuff.  So the trunks do double duty as table and storage.  And they don't make the room look like every other room.

3. Glidez Organizers
These upgrade a kitchen or bath quickly, just by making the under cabinet space easier to get to.  It's definitely the kind of gift you get yourself or significant other 'cause you want it too!

4. Baking Star Scale
So you're not supposed to give scales as gifts, right?  Too bad, because this is a gift we want.  The bowl acts as a measuring cup, mixing bowl, and pour spout.  That means fewer dishes and faster baking.  We love fewer dishes.


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