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Top 5 Best Gifts for Her

by Household Essentials • December 02, 2016

Ladies choice!  Here are the top staff picks from the ladies at Household Essentials.

1. KROSNO glass: Wine glasses!
So men can absolutely love these wine glasses, too, but nothing screams ladies night like a good movie and lots of wine.  We really love the AVA glasses because they are handmade and have that really long stem that looks so elegant.  Though the VERA has a really angled bowl that just catches the eye.  Hard to choose!

2. KROSNO glass: bowls and vases!
So normally, we'd be anti knic-knacks, but these bowls are just too nice to be called that.  Besides, they're glass, which means we can use them as candy dishes or to hold potpourri as easily as we can use them to serve salad!  Not to mention, they make fabulous centerpieces!

3. Picnic Basket with Wine Holder
So we saw this and thought about how much fun it would be to give as a gift, packed with wine, crackers, fun plastic plates.  We also say we should go on a picnic.  Maybe with this we really will.  There are other picnic baskets, too, but this is our favorite at the moment.

4. Wall Mirrors
These things are HUGE, but so pretty.  And adding mirrors to a room brightens up a space so nicely.  That's why we like the mirrors.  They can go in any room and make that space look and feel bigger and brighter.

5. KRUSH Totes
The rectangular totes are especially handy because they fit on the floorboard of the bar behind the driver's seat. That makes life easier, really.  We use these bags for day trips, hauling presents, grocery shopping, even as a laundry bag!  It's a working tote, which is actually fantastic.

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