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Three Ways to Organize your Closet

by Household Essentials • June 16, 2021

Closets can be a great space for organizing clothing and shoes, but they can also turn into a disastrous mountain of cluttered items. Whether you just need to re-organize your closet or you need to organize a pile of clothes, shoes, and knick-knacks, these 3 ways of organizing your closet will help you meet your organization goals. 



Closet Hanging Storage Racks

These storage racks are perfect for organizing clothes and accessories such as scarfs, socks, and hats. They hang from the rod of your closet system, making it compatible for almost any closet space. There are many different kinds of Hanging Storage Racks. One popular storage rack is a Wardrobe Garment Bag which can store the fanciest of clothes like a wedding dress or tuxedo. Another favorite are the basic hanging shelves that allow you to easily store items right within your closet.



Closet Boxes and Bags

Storage Bins can come in many different colors and textures. Some come with lids and some come without lids. One of our customer favorites is our Grey Storage Boxes  which have handles on both sides making the bins easy to carry, transport, lift or pull.  Slightly more stout than standard cube fabric bins, these bins are perfect for use on shorter shelves, desktops and other surfaces. They’re also a smart choice for closets and under-bed storage. Bins like these are perfect for filing papers, store office supplies or organizing accessories and other miscellaneous items.



Closet Shoe Storage

Shoe racks and shoe hangers are an excellent way to organize a large amount of shoes. There are many types of shoe organizers that fit different needs. There are Expandable Shoe Racks that allow you to expand or shorten the length of the rack depending on how many shoes you have. There are also Over-the-Door Pocket Shoe Organizers that allow you to hang the organizer over any door or rod with ease. With these, you are able to neatly place your shoes within each pocket. Lastly, there are shoe organizers like the Shoe Cubby that have an X-frame with many cubbies to store shoes. These are ideal because these can be moved around and placed anywhere within a closet. They also collapse for easy storage. These are just a few options for closet shoe storage. Be sure to check out our Amazon Store to see all of the possibilities!


We hope you found this helpful when you start organizing your closet!


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