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Three Ways To Upgrade Your Laundry Room

by Household Essentials • July 07, 2021

Laundry rooms are mostly unattractive rooms. Sometimes laundry areas are shoved in a garage space or somewhere in a hidden place because let's face it, laundry can be very messy! However, even though doing laundry can be a very monotonous and dull task, your laundry room or space doesn’t have to be! 


Here are three ways you can start to upgrade your laundry room or space for a more enjoyable experience next time you do laundry.


1. Hamper Cabinet 

Our hamper cabinet provides a smart way to covertly stow away your dirty laundry while also adding a stylish piece of furniture to your space. The exterior is made of smooth white metal with cabinetry detailing. The black polyester bag hampers are hidden behind the double tilt-out doors, helping this piece blend seamlessly with the rest of your furniture. Also, the bags within the cabinet are both removable for easy carrying. You can use this cabinet hamper in any room of your home to sort laundry and add extra space.





2. Matte Black Ironing Board

This deluxe matte black ironing board is the best choice for anyone who irons frequently and loves a chic style. The unique ironing board stands out with its high-quality mesh steel top, which offers better ironing results through more efficient steam and heat distribution than other steel perforated top boards. The heat-resistant FiberTech cover and 6mm fiber pad prevent wrinkles or imprints for exceptional ironing results. The skid-resistant foot caps and hex-leg design provide stability, while the iron rest offers a safe spot to cool a hot iron.


3. Compact Drying Clothes Rack

Use this metal clothes drying rack to air dry your clothes with ease. This durable, lightweight drying rack has different rods at different heights, allowing you to hang a number of items in a small amount of space. 


The rack is easy to assemble with an easy click and snap system. They also collapse flat for easy storage. 




Enjoy the benefits of air drying your delicates, or all of your clothes, with this handy drying rack!


Which one of these will you be adding to your laundry room. Let us know!


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