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Three Types of Organization For Every Home

by Household Essentials • April 28, 2021

Having an organized home makes all the difference in any home. Organization brings peace of mind and stability. This is why we are so passionate about storage and why we think that these three types of storage solutions are important for every home!


Storage Boxes and Bins

Storage boxes and bins are great for storing things like blankets, magazines, clothes and everything in between. Storage boxes with lids are perfect for stacking on top of each other which helps maximize your storage spaces. Open Storage bins are great for storing items that can be easily grabbed such as a blanket or magazine. 

Here are some of our favorite storage boxes bins that are a must-have for an organized home!



Storage Box with Lid          Open Storage Box



Grey Open Storage Bin         Floral Open Storage Bin


Closet and Under-the-bed Organization

Living in tight spaces can cause you to search every part of your home as potential storage opportunities. Closets and under the bed are such spaces where you can store those extra items.


Utilizing closet organization is the best place to start when maximizing your home for storage. There are so many options when it comes to closet organization! From hanging organizers, to storage boxes, to over-the-door organizers, the opportunities for efficient organization are vast.

One way to utilize your closet space is to use garment bags to protect your best dresses, coats, and hats from collecting dust while keeping them fresh for long periods of time. 

Hanging Garment Bag


One way to utilize your under-the-bed space is by using storage bags. If you need to store large blankets because summer is around the corner, we suggest this Cedarline Blanket Storage Bag which can store large blankets, throws and bedding. These bags fit nicely underneath a bed allowing you to easily take out the blanket when needed.



Cedarline Blanket Storage Bag


Storage Racks

Storage racks are a smart and accessible way to add instant storage space to any door! They are so versatile that they can be used almost anywhere. Use it on a pantry or kitchen door to organize spices, pantry items, small tools or appliances, aluminum foil or sandwich bags and more. Use it in the bathroom to store small appliances, toiletries, hand towels or anything else you need to keep accessible. Use it in the garage, the office, or a craft room to house essential supplies and tools. Use it in a closet to organize small accessories or articles of clothing. Like we said, your options are vast! 

Over-the-door Storage Rack


Having an organized home is a simple thing that brings so much peace into any home, no matter how large or small. What are some storage solutions that you have utilized for your own home? Let us know in the comments!


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