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Three Holiday Organization Essentials to Have Every Year

by Household Essentials • December 30, 2020

Christmas is always a time of happiness, cheer, and family memories. Christmas is also a time of Christmas trees, wreaths, and ornaments. Storing your favorite decorations can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are three Holiday Organization Essentials that we think you will need every year to keep your decorations in pristine condition.

Christmas Wreath Storage

Holiday wreaths are a staple decoration for a number of occasions: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more. But whether you’ve got one holiday wreath or 10, you need a safe and effective way to store it for the other 11 months of the year. That’s where this wreath storage bag comes in. This bag is the perfect choice to keep your holiday wreaths in perfect condition during the off months and for years to come. The bag is made of industrial strength polyethylene, which is flexible, tear-proof and water resistant. It can store wreaths as large as 30 inches in diameter, and the zipper unzips fully, so it’s easy to set the wreath in the bag. Keep your wreath looking as beautiful as the day you brought it home and for many years to come!


Ornament Storage Box

With this ornament storage box, gone are the days of wrangling and untangling all your ornaments from a cardboard box in one jumbled mess. This storage box has everything you need to eliminate tangles and prevent breakage. Keep your ornaments organized and protected from the conditions of your attic, basement or shed. It features two layers of pull out trays with handles and adjustable compartments, meaning you can alter the cubicle size for small, medium, large and oddly shaped ornaments.


Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Decorating for the holidays has never been easier with the addition of this Christmas tree storage bag. It will keep your tree in excellent condition and reduce the hassle of setting up and taking down decorations. Your artificial Christmas tree will retain its festive holiday cheer with the protection of this sturdy storage bag. This is definitely a timeless holiday essential if you are fond of the artificial christmas trees.


We hope you find these essentials helpful this Holiday season. Are there essentials that you use that weren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments!


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