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Three Functional Wall Decor Ideas for your Home

by Household Essentials • September 23, 2020

Three Functional Wall Decor Ideas for your Home



Are your living room, bathroom, and bedroom walls in need of some functional decorations? Are you tired of looking at bare walls and would love to add some beautiful wall decor, but have no idea where to even start? 


Try these three ideas to add some functional, yet charming wall decorations to those bare walls!

1. Wall Mirrors
Hanging a beautiful wall mirror like the Bronze Sunburst Wall Mirror is a great way to add character to any part of your room. Wall Mirrors can be an art piece in and of itself. Even adding a more subtle wall mirror like the Rectangle Wall Mirror can add balance to any room in your home. Either way you go, wall mirrors create that added touch to your walls.
2. Wall Shelves
A combination of function and charm, wall shelves bring function and charm to any room. Due to their functionality, they are particularly used in entry ways of a home or bathroom. However, wall shelves can be used anywhere there is a wall! Some like to use wall shelves to place pictures and figurines in their living room while others use them to store herbs and spices in their kitchen. This is why wall shelves are so great! They are extremely functional, yet can be decorated in a way that brings that extra touch of home.
3. Wall Mounted Coat Racks
Like wall shelves, Wall Mounted Coat Racks serve the function of hanging coats and other miscellaneous items that need to be hung. Coat racks are very simple, yet can be elegant. The simple coat racks do the job like the Bamboo Coat Rack with its five brushed nickel hooks where you can hang jackets, umbrellas, towels, robes, scarves and much more! The more elegant coat racks like the Distressed Wood Coat Rack is a quaint, rustic coat rack that will add that rustic touch to your room. 

Do these ideas inspire you to start adding decor to your walls? Leave us a comment below or take a picture of your ideas and tag us in your instagram stories @householdessentials.


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