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Three Beach Essentials for your Next Beach Day

by Household Essentials • August 04, 2021

Beach days are full of adventure, fun, and body surfing. Having all of the essentials for the perfect day is necessary for a fun-filled beach day. A little planning goes a long way! Instead of giving you a comprehensive list of beach items for the perfect beach day, we narrowed down a list down to three essentials that every beach-goer would need to have fun in the sun!

1.Tote Bags
Every beach day consists of lugging around random essentials like sunscreen, towels, change of clothes, hats, toys, snacks, and the list could go on! That is why Tote Bags are imperative to an ideal beach experience. We are a huge fan of our Krush Tote Bags because they are extremely durable due to the fact they are made from canvas and have a wire structure. Plus they come in many different colors and designs! Check out all of them here.

2. Cooler
Sometimes it is hard to remember to stay hydrated during a beach day especially when there is so much fun to be had! Bringing a cooler will help keep those bottled waters and soft drinks cool while you are having a blast. We recommend this cooler because it is compact. It is also able to be folded and easily stored in small or large vehicles. 


3. Outdoor Dryer
We have all been there. Wet clothes or towels after a dip in the ocean, but no place to really dry them other than your car. Bringing a compact outdoor dryer provides the immediate space to quickly dry wet clothing or towels. We love these outdoor dryers because it has two tiers for drying multiple items and it is collapsible for easy transportation. 

Next time you head to the beach, make sure you have these three beach essentials. We guarantee it will make your beach day experience that much more stellar!


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