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Start Off the New Year right with These 5 Products

by Household Essentials • April 27, 2021


Starting a new year is full of possibilities and opportunities. However, those possibilities and opportunities won’t come to life without some hard work. Doing the work now, allows you to reap the benefits later! Are one of the possibilities in your new year's resolution to have a better organized home? There is no better time than now to start your year with some really great organizational household items. We just so happen to have new arrivals in the Home Organization department! These new arrivals may spark some inspiration in you to begin working towards that goal. Check out these five new arrivals to jumpstart your organization journey!


Krush Tote Bags

These durable tote bags are one-of-a-kind. Made from canvas and water-resistant vinyl lining, all of our Krush Tote Bags have double handles and are easy to store when they are not in use. These are definitely a must-have for grocery shopping, beach days, transporting laundry, and so much more. Check out the fun patterns on these New Arrivals!


Krush Tote, Tropical Floral Pattern


Krush Tote, Star Patterned

Krush Tote, Buffalo Plain Pattern 


Organizer Trays

A wonderful option for anyone struggling to find space for storage are Organizer Trays. They can fit in bathroom spaces, small closet spaces, or any compact space. They are great for storing small bathroom items, crafts supplies, or even sewing tools! These are a few of our favorite organizer trays that have just arrived!


2-Tier Sliding Basket Organizer


2-piece Stackable Desk Trays


Rustic Chic Plastic Bins with Wooden Handles



Compact Trash Cans

Having a compact and minimalistic trash is a must for almost every home. Sometimes a space calls for a trash can, but there is only limited space. That is where a compact trash can solve the problem! These two compact trash-cans are among our new arrivals this year!

White, Spring-Lid Trash Can


Black, Spring-Lid Trash Can


Heavy Duty Crates

If you are in need of heavy-duty storage for a wide range of purposes, these plastic crates are the storage option for you. Their durable plastic frames and fully removable lids make them perfect for indoor and temporary outdoor use. The set offers a large and small crate to offer plenty of space for different items such as camping supplies or bedroom linens. They are a must-have for trunk organization, errand running or sports events due to their quick, click-to-assemble and foldable frame. 


Heavy Duty Crates


Steel Mesh Ironing Top

This deluxe matte black ironing board is the best choice for anyone who irons frequently and loves a chic style. This ironing board stands out with its high-quality mesh steel top, which offers better ironing results and steam and heat distribution than other steel perforated top boards. The heat-resistant FiberTech cover and 6mm fiber pad prevent wrinkles or imprints. The skid-resistant foot caps and hex leg design provide stability, while the iron rest offers a safe spot to cool a hot iron. This ironing board is for those who iron often due to its durability and resilience.  


Deluxe Matte Black Ironing Board with Steel Mesh


We hope this helps you get started on your home organization journey! 

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