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The Seven Best Kitchen Gadgets to Have in 2019

by Household Essentials • September 26, 2019

The Seven Best Kitchen Gadgets to Have in 2019

When it comes to the best kitchen gadgets, your collection is never complete. There’s always a handy tool to make every kitchen task—from the mundane and effortless to the grueling and complex—just a bit simpler. We’re talking about the kind of game-changer product that makes you wonder how you ever functioned as a breathing human being before being introduced to it.
And because we love kitchen gadgets as much as you do, we polled a few of our Household Essentials experts to come up with a list of the best Leifheit gadgets for your kitchen on the market in 2019. We hope you love them as much as we do.
(Keep in mind: we don’t know the extent of your cooking skills. And honestly, it doesn’t really matter one way or another. Perhaps you work the kind of kitchen magic that would turn Gordon Ramsay green with envy. Or maybe your culinary prowess is limited to microwaved hot dogs, boxed macaroni and cheese and a fair share of Chinese takeout containers. Either way, it’s our hope that these products can bring your game to the next level… whatever “next level” that may be.)

Square Ceramic Pizza Stone

Whether your pizza night involves building the pie from scratch or taking it out of the freezer and peeling off the cellophane (not that there’s anything wrong with that), you want your pizza cooked right. This handy ceramic stone ensures an evenly (and perfectly) baked crust every time. And if you don’t like pizza (what?!), you can use it for calzones, turnovers, tarts and plenty of other pastry delights.


Small Meat Tenderizer Tool

OK, we LOVE this one. With a sleek, triple-chrome-plated design, this tool has some weight to it and feels much better in your hand than your classic hammer-style tenderizer, making for a super easy operation. It has a smooth side for flattening and stretching chicken and pork, and a “toothy” side for tenderizing steaks and other meats with ease.


Safety Pro Can Opener

Yeah, we know you already have a can opener. But not like this one. This safety pro can opener operates smoothly with almost zero effort on your part. With a single handle and no bulkiness in the design, it fits perfectly in your kitchen drawer (and won’t block it from closing like some of the others on the market). But the most impressive feature is that this opener cuts along the side of the can rather than the rim, which means NO sharp edges!


Spiralizer Spiral Slicer

You probably didn’t realize you needed your veggies cut into fancy spirals until right now, did you? We’re telling you, once you try it, you won’t want it any other way. This handy tool makes gourmet-quality veggie slices with a simple hand twisting motion (no motors or batteries in this guy). It works every time with ease, and it’s even dishwasher safe!

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