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Outdoor Dryer Tips: Tangles, Clothesline, and Restringing

by Household Essentials • June 11, 2018

Clothesline, umbrella style outdoor clothes dryers are great.  They hold a lot, are sturdy as all get out when concreted into the ground, and they just hold up well.
Still, there are some frequently asked questions that we'd like to share!  Because really, it's helpful to know.
How do I keep my clothesline from tangling?
PREVENT TANGLES: Lower lines while dryer is still in the ground, then tie lines in 2 bundles, one on either side of the center pole.  Then remove the dryer from the ground (bundling first helps significantly!).  
My clothesline is tangled.  How do I get it untangled?
UNTANGLE LINES: Do not untie the lines.  Instead, slowly open the lines until you can see what's caught, move the catch, and keep going.  It can take awhile, but it will untangle (rather like untangling a necklace).  Then, bundle afterwards!  
How do I replace the clothesline on my outdoor dryer?
RESTRINGING CLOTHESLINE: First, you'll need a clothesline long enough - about 5 feet longer than the hanging space of your line.  Then, with the dryer open, untie the string closest to the center pole and remove it from the first hole, then thread the new line through the hole.  As you continue to remove the old line, play follow the leader, replacing old with new.  That way, you'll know you've re-strung it in the same manner as the original.  Tie off both ends and trim excess.  (New line with stretch, so you'll likely need to tighten a few times during the first months of use.  Never over tighten; some give is needed to open and close dryer.)


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