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The Most Underused Space in Your Home

by Household Essentials • August 26, 2017
Behind the door. It lurks there, space--often neglected, or just as often abused as a single hook piled high with towels, robes, and handbags. There's another option.  A better way . .

Enter, HINGE-IT.  This might be the smartest use of that precious 4-6 inches of storage space behind nearly every door in your home.  Because instead of the usual methods (1 or 2 hooks for towels screwed into the door or a caddy hung by hooks over the door itself), this clever over the door organizer hangs on the metal door hinges.  That means it won't carve grooves into your door frame, and it won't leave marks.Behind the door storage has been around forever--we've hung robes and towels, hidden ironing boards, and more recently tucked away shoes in over-the-door caddies.  All are viable, good options for storage. 

Unlike some over-the-door style of organizers, Hinge-It uses space without potentially leaving its mark on the door frame.  And it fits lots of different size doors.  So if the distance between your top and bottom hinges--measured from top to top--is between 53.5" and 66.5", you can use the Hinge-It on your door.  And if it's not, there's always the wall!

Here's what really works about this thing: It uses the same pin that keeps your door on! 

Really.  Unless you're mounting to the wall, you don't need anything else but the pins in your door.  Granted, they can be tough to get out of the hinge (we recommend a nail and mallet as needed), but once out and WD-40'd, you are good to go!

These towel bars come straight or as hooks, in Single, Double, Triple, or Quadruple bar options.  Catch that?  That's lots of options for towels, robes, scarves, purses, ties, ETC.
And really, that's the secret.  These may say they are towel bars.  But they are accessory bars--they are hangers, hanging rods, extra places to put things--they are HOW WE USE THAT SPACE BEHIND THE DOOR for good, and not just clutter.

It's that simple.  A little bit of playing connector and a little bit of light pin work.  BOOM!  Excellent storage that is invisible most of the time because it hides behind your open, very hospitable door.

Check 'em out below!

1 bar

2 bars

2 hooks

3 hooks

4 bars (in chrome or white)

3 bars AND 2 hooks


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