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How to choose the Best Ironing Board

by Household Essentials • August 11, 2020

How to choose the Best Ironing Board

If you are searching for an ironing board, you may be looking for an ironing board that will best serve your needs. If you aren’t knowledgeable about ironing boards, it is easy to pick the first one that catches your eye. However, if you want to make a more informed decision when picking your ironing board, having some guidelines may be helpful for you. Here are five general things we think you should look for when shopping for your next ironing board:

The Size of the Ironing Board

There are generally three types of Ironing boards out there on the market: 
a freestanding board, a compact table-top board, an over-the-door board, or a built-in-wall board. For the most part, the size of your living space determines the type of ironing board you should purchase. Compact ironing boards such as the over-the-door board and the compact table-top board are great for college students. On the other hand, free-standing ironing boards are generally larger which is perfect for those who iron often. 

The Weight of the Ironing Board

Ironing boards made in the early 1900s were made from different types of wood but are currently made from plastic, compressed wood material, or steel mesh. These more lightweight materials make it easier to move around and store. 

Level of Sturdiness

Make sure to look for a frame that is sturdy and durable. You don’t want your ironing board to topple over while you are ironing your clothes. Steel and aluminum boards ironing boards are usually the better options due to their durable qualities.

Types of Board Covers

Although there are many different types of materials that ironing board covers can be made from, the cover you purchase should have at least one of these qualities:

Thermo-reflective material that allows heat from the Iron to be reflected on to the garment for quicker and more efficient results.

Fiber/Cotton Covers with a stain and scorch resistant coating such as Nano Max prevent the cover from being damaged by the heat. 

Quality of the Board Material

Compressed Perforated Wood -
A lightweight wooden board is a good option if you are looking for a lightweight ironing board. However, it isn’t the best type of board for ironing clothes efficiently. It isn’t the best option because heat and steam aren’t easily transferred through a solid piece of wood even if it is perforated. This makes ironing less efficient with less than optimal results.

Plastic Reinforced with Wood -
This option is lightweight as well however plastic can easily crack even if it is reinforced with wood. On top of that, the extra layer of wood can prevent heat and steam from easily passing through the fabric for crisply ironed clothes. 

Steel Mesh-
Steel Mesh is the best option for an ironing board for many reasons. The ironing results from a quality steel mesh top are unmatched to those of the compressed wood and plastic ironing boards. Steel mesh allows the heat to easily pass through the fabric creating wrinkle-free results. This durable material offers more stability and allows steam and heat to circulate through the fabric for better, faster, and more even results than you’d get with other boards. This improved circulation also prevents the build-up of excess moisture or damp spots. A steel mesh top is a must-have feature for anyone who irons frequently, especially with steam or higher temperatures.

Here at Household Essentials, we offer one of the highest quality steel mesh tops on the market. Our steel mesh tops are slightly stretched which creates a larger amount of holes within the mesh. The additional holes allow for a faster heat transfer which creates smoother, more crisp results when ironing clothes. 

Comparison Chart of our Steel Mesh Ironing Boards

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Nice article. I was very worried as to how to choose the right ironing board for home, but your amazing article made it possible. I gained some new tips and tricks from your amazing post. Also, I read some top reviews on the ironing board that help me to choose them. Thanks for sharing this.

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