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How to Install a Hinge-It Organizer Towel Bar

by Household Essentials • August 25, 2017
There are 2 ways to hang a Hinge-It over the door organizer: on the hinges or on the wall.  Here's how to do both!
These instructions are for the largest Clutterbuster 4-bar (or 3 bar/2 hook) styles, but you'll get the idea for the smaller varieties too!  You're smart like that.

Option 1: Hang it on the Hinge

3 hinges are best, but 2 hinges can work.  At minimum, these 2 hinges need to be between 53.5" and 66.5" apart, measuring from top to top of each hinge.  The HINGE IT towel bars and hooks use a metal bracket to hang on the hinge.  The short end fits over the top of the hinge; the door's hinge pin should pass through the bracket when the towel bar is hung. 

IN BRIEF: Attach the towel bars to the vertical poles.  Connect the vertical poles together.  Attach the brackets, finger tighten only, UP or DOWN as neecded to fit your door (see below for more on that!).  Pop the pin out of your door hinges.  Line up the Clutterbuster brackets along the door to check fit; secure screws all the way!  Put the plastic spacer on the pin, and put the pin back in (thorough the bracket and door hinge).  Done!

The default position for the metal brackets that hang on the hinges is "up", meaning that the bracket will look like a "7" with the top of the seven hanging on the hinge.


Got that?
Measure the distance between the top and bottom hinges on your door, top of hinge to top of hinge. 

  • If the door hinges are 53.5-60" apart: FLIP THE TOP hinge bracket upside down so it looks like a "J". 

  • If the door hinges are 61-66.5" apart: FLIP THE BOTTOM hinge bracket upside down so it looks like a "J". 

  • Forr all, mount the middle bracket as fits best, up or down.



Option 2: Hang It on the Wall

When the hinges won't work, there's always the wall.  And even if the hinges do work, you might prefer the wall. 

IN BRIEF: Attach the towel bars to the vertical poles, BUT DO NOT CONNECT THE VERTICAL POLES YET.  Predrill holes into the wall about 45" apart, then put the eye screws in (use the drywall anchors if necessary).  Slip the top and bottom vertical poles (the ones that are capped!) into the eye screws on the wall.  Now connect everything with the remaining vertical poles.  That's it!


It's that simple.  A little bit of playing connector and a little bit of light pin work.  BOOM!  Excellent storage that is invisible most of the time because it hides behind your open, very hospitable door.