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How to Add a Touch of the American Spirit to your Home

by Household Essentials • January 17, 2021

This week, our nation’s tradition of celebrating the work of Dr. Martin Luther King as well as honoring the ceremony of Inauguration Day are two days that we honor here at Household Essentials. In effort to celebrate these traditions, we wanted to share how you could add a touch of the American spirit to your home. Check out our list below!


Americana Storage Trunk

This large, jumbo-sized storage trunk carries more than just storage items. It carries the essence of the American spirit. Full of vintage charm and spirit, the trunk has a large imprint of the American flag with a faded license plate pattern in the background. With leather straps and brass handles, this sturdy storage trunk can store anything from blankets, towels, and linens to hand-tools, wrenches, and screws.


American-Themed Krush Totes

Both of our American-themed Krush tote bags are made from canvas material making them durable and versatile, just like the American spirit! The star pattern and blue background make this the perfect tote for those who want to show their American colors while shopping, doing laundry, or toting random items from point A to point B.


The Blue, Star-Patterned Krush Tote has an open top, with a wire frame. It fits perfectly on the floorboards of cars and crushes flat to store, making it the perfect bag to take shopping or taking on vacations. The handles hook onto your arm or hold easily in your hand. You can easily clean it by wiping the bag clean with a damp cloth. 


The Blue, Star-Patterned with Red Exterior Pockets Krush Tote has all the same features as our Blue, Star-Patterned Tote Bag except this one has red large, exterior pockets in the front! The four large exterior pockets have a nifty hook-and-loop closure to keep items secure within the pockets. These pockets are perfect for keeping essential items within easy reach, such as sunscreen or sports drinks, without having to dive into the bag’s large main compartment.


Storage Bins

Our red, white, and blue storage bins are great for organizing closet spaces, bedrooms, or living rooms. These storage bins are great for storing linens, towels, or loose items. All three are collapsible, making them easy to store when they aren’t in use. Bring order to your home, and have fun doing so, with one of our red, white, or blue storage box sets. Pick your favorite color or get all three!


We wish a safe, fun week this week as we honor these memorable American traditions as a nation.


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