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Gift Giving Guide for The Kitchen Connoisseur

by Household Essentials • December 03, 2020
This is the perfect gift giving guide for the Kitchen Connoisseur on your Christmas List. We have a wide range of unique kitchen gadgets that you won’t usually find in just any kitchen. You will find something for those loved ones that love to cook and bake!



This meat tenderizer is small, but mighty. It is a classic kitchen appliance for making truly extraordinary dishes. The tenderizer is made of triple-plated-chrome over a zinc core. One side of the reversible disk is smooth and flat. It's perfect for flattening and stretching chicken and pork. The other side is teethed, perfect for tenderizing steaks and other good cuts of meat. It looks good, works well, and can be an excellent conversation starter!



The Leifheit Gourmet Garlic Slicer transforms garlic cloves into fine, uniform slivers. Ideal for garlic, ginger, Parmesan, and vegetables, this slicer helps cut down prep time so the Connoisseur on your Christmas list can spend more time enjoying their meals.


The Leifheit Spiral Cutter cuts vegetables in fine spirals, creating beautiful additions to salads, sandwiches, and plates. The compact cutter doesn't take up much space, yet its innovative design lets you spiralize a wide variety of fruits and vegetables--from cucumbers and carrots for salads to zucchini and summer squash for a healthy pasta substitute! The Kitchen Connoisseur can make gourmet presentation the norm in your home with this innovative product that makes culinary expertise easy. 

The Leifheit's 3-in-1 Egg Slicer makes 3 different slices for eggs. The slicer is made of quality materials: clean stainless steel and hard, sturdy plastic. One segment of the slicer slices eggs into wedges. The other slicer can slice eggs as round or oval slices, depending on how the egg is situated. Make perfect egg salad, a superb cobb salad, or a wild guacamole. With the precision of a professional, the foodie can create beautifully plated dishes in the comfort of their own home. 

Leifheit's Round Ceramic Pizza Stone balances moisture during baking to create the perfect combination of flaky and chewy crusts. The stone helps get rid of crispy edges and doughy centers. It absorbs heat and regulates its transfer for better, more consistently baked crusts. But it does so much more. Bake pastries, turnovers, tarts and other delights! The secret to a pizza stone is its ability to conduct heat. It makes for more uniform and consistent results. With a carrying tray and a pizza cutter, the pizza Connoisseur has everything they need to turn their kitchen into a gourmet pizzeria! 


The fancy Leifheit Chips Cutter 2.0 (French Fry Press) makes fries and healthy vegetable sticks with ease. This potato and vegetable cutter uses 2 stainless steel cutting blades to cut whole potatoes and vegetables into 10 mm or 12 mm size sticks in one pressing motion! The ergonomic handle is designed for optimal force with minimal effort--and it also has a non-slip grip and soft-touch zone for more comfort. Superior materials and craftsmanship make this Leifheit potato and vegetable cutter perfect for home. Even care is easy: just rinse the blade after use and clean the device in the dishwasher. 



The Leifheit Columbus Carafes are top of the line carafes made in GERMANY. These convenient pitchers conserve heat and insulate cold for 4-6 hours of perfectly tempered beverage delight. They are so effective because of their double glass liner that conserves temperature. The Columbus Carafe also has an antibacterial design; it is specifically designed to prevent liquid from seeping into the lid or back into the carafe, keeping your carafe cleaner and free from nasty bacteria. The Coffee or Tea Connoisseur will be able to enjoy their beverages for hours on end with the versatile, attractive Columbus Carafe. 


This white Leifheit cherry pitter uses the ingenuity of high-quality German engineering to create an easy-to-use tool, making delicious cherries all the more satisfying. Its mechanism easily removes the stones, leaving the cherries fairly intact and ready to eat, cook or can. As the stones are removed, they are stored within the attached lower container for easy disposal and clean-up. The cherry pitter can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher as well. Baking cherry pies and other delicious desserts will be a breeze with the help of this simple kitchen tool. They can also be used as a refreshing snack or summer party appetizer. 


Every Kitchen Connoisseur needs a trash can that is easy to access because they are too busy making a food masterpiece! This round trash can with a motion sensor takes the basic trash can to the next level and looks as modern as it feels. With an angled black plastic lid, stainless steel exterior and classic round shape, it adds a modern edge while still offering a timeless look. Access your trash hands- and feet-free with the use of the motion detector. With a wave of your hand, the lid opens easily and stays open for as long as it detects motion. Close the lid with another wave of your hand, or allow it to auto-close after a few seconds.


The Double 9-Gallon Pull-Out Trash Cans store 2 9-gallon trash cans side-by-side under the cabinet making it easy for the kitchen foodie to quickly pull out the trash cans and push back in so that they can get back to cooking. This convenient system can be installed as a kitchen waste can, bathroom, or laundry room cabinets. It includes the sturdy, wire caddy, preassembled glides, and 2 trash cans. This sturdy caddy system is made from commercial grade, heavy-duty, chrome wire, so it is durable enough for regular use. With Quikfit install and preassembled Glidez, installation is simple. This double 9-gallon pull-out trash cans measures 12 inches high, 15.5 inches wide, and 21.75 inches deep.


These GLIDEZ pull-out shelves make things easy for the Kitchen Connoisseur to access things within their cabinets. Gone are the days of bending, kneeling or craning to reach things in the back corners of the cabinets. Each shelf can move independently of the other and glides easily to extend fully outside of your cabinet. This cabinet organizer is made of heavy duty steel chrome wire and sleek faux concrete, elevating the look of any kitchen or bathroom. Whether they use this sliding cabinet organizer to store small appliances, food, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, toiletries or anything else, this organizer will upgrade any cabinet situation.

We hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration of some gifts you can get for the Kitchen Connoisseur in your life this holiday season! Do you happen to be the Kitchen Connoisseur yourself? What are some things you would add to the list? Let us in know in the comments! 


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