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  • Organize your Home for the Holidays Checklist by Household Essentials
    11/11/2020... Not sure how you can prepare for the Holidays this year? Whether you are having company over, hosting a dinner party, or it is just you and your family this checklist will help you organize your home, just in time for the holidays!
  • How to Camp out in your Backyard by Household Essentials
    08/31/2020... Even though summer is almost over, it isn’t too late to experience the sights and sounds of a memorable camping trip! If you are short on time or funds and aren’t able to get out to a camping site, camping in your backyard could be an option. With a little creativity, camping in your backyard can be just as fun!
  • How to have a safe and fun 4th of July celebration by Household Essentials
    06/26/2020... Can you smell the hotdogs and hamburgers? Can you feel the splash of the ocean waves as you watch the fighter jets zoom above you for the annual Air Show? Can you taste the ice-cold ice cream as you watch the fireworks from afar? Fireworks, picnics, pool-side parties, beach gatherings, and parades all make up the fun festivities of the Fourth of July. With all the fun memories being made, it is also important to follow some simple tips that will help keep you, your family, and friends safe from any danger or accidents. We compressed several safety tips that were recommended by FEMA (The US Department of Homeland Services) and The American Red Cross so that you can take preventative measures beforehand this Fourth of July.
  • How to Simplify Your Life and Home in 10 Easy Steps by Household Essentials
    05/07/2019... If you’re looking to embark on a decluttering journey, here are 10 easy steps to help you get started.
  • How to Protect Clothes from Moths by Household Essentials
    05/07/2019... Learn to spot the signs of moths and other pests that can damage clothing and how to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.
  • What About Rust? by Household Essentials
    09/11/2017... We build things for outdoors, but what about rust? Is a metal umbrella dryer going to rust? Will a synthetic wicker table break? Questions. Answers.
  • The Most Underused Space in Your Home by Household Essentials
    08/26/2017... Behind the door. It lurks there, space--often neglected, or just as often abused as a single hook piled high with towels, robes, and handbags. There's another option. A better way . . .
  • Can I Put My Outdoor Dryer in an Umbrella Stand? by Household Essentials
    05/25/2017... Can and should are different. But here's what you need to know to set up your dryer as safely and securely as possible!