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Fun, Functional and Stylish College Room Decor

by Household Essentials • August 05, 2019
Whether your student is moving into a dorm or their first apartment, they’re going to need the right college room decor. Here are a few of our favorite options to add flair and function.
Area rugs
While rugs might seem like more of a style addition than a functional addition, they can actually serve as both. Obviously, area rugs can add a decorative flair to any room, but they also help trap dirt, leading to cleaner-looking floors (as long as you send your student off with a vacuum, too!). They can also save your student from the dreaded sensation of bare feet on cold floors.
Multi-use storage
When your storage needs outnumber your storage options (as is often the case in a dorm or first apartment), smart storage solutions are a must. This set of cushioned storage ottomans offers storage and extra seating (or a rest for your feet), but they’re also a stylish piece to accent any room with.
Fabric storage cubes have quickly become an essential item for college students and young adults. They’re compact, collapsible (so you can use as many as you need and store the rest away) and stylish. With a variety of available colors and textures, you can easily find the right storage cubes for your student’s space. And if you’ve got fabric storage cubes, you’ll need a place to put them. We love this stylish cube organizer that’s a cut above your standard cube organizer, with stylish wire mesh details. Larger cube organizers can also serve as room dividers or organizers
Adding a storage trunk at the end of the bed can also provide storage and trendy decor, as well as extra seating, if the trunk is sturdy enough.
A clothing rack
A clothing rack obviously has utility as, well, a clothing rack. But it can also act as a stylish and functional decor piece. Like a larger cube organizer, a clothing rack can act as a partial room divider or spice up a bare space or wall. Clothing racks have come into chic as a minimalist decor piece, and many have a utilitarian and industrial style that is also very trendy.
Wall decals and artwork
Wall decals are quickly becoming more popular with college students and renters of all ages. Because they’re not permanent (just peel them off when it’s time to move out), they’re a quick, affordable and smart way to dress up walls without having to worry about repainting or spackling.
If your student wants to hang artwork or other items, removable adhesive strips are the go-to. Use the strips themselves to display posters and prints, or use the attached decorative hooks, some twine and clothespins to hang a string of photos or papers.
Upgraded and flexible seating
Bean bags and folding chairs are dorm essentials for a reason. They’re flexible, easy to store, comfortable and an easy way to add extra seats for friends at the drop of a hat. They’ve also come a long way in recent years in terms of design. Now it’s easier than ever to find stylish floor pillows, sleek and comfy folding chairs and elevated bean bags that offer the same benefits as their traditional counterparts, but with an upgraded look and feel.
With these fun and functional college room decor pieces, your student will be ready to study in style.