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The Four Most Common Types of Trash Cans

by Household Essentials • May 18, 2021

Trash Cans are something that we all use every single day. They are functional, useful, and necessary. However, did you know that there are different kinds of trash cans designed to suit different needs and preferences? Yes, it is indeed true! Below are the five most common types of trash cans:


Step Pedal Trash Can

The Step Pedal Trash Can is the best choice to achieve a happy-medium between capacity and compact design. These types of trash cans open easily with a light step on the foot pedal, which is located at the bottom-front of the can. Using this handy feature will not only keep your hands clean but also free them up as you multitask. The mechanism for the foot pedal is generally located in the back of the trash can and allows for a soft-closure effect.



Motion Sensor Trash Cans

These types of trash cans are the most magical of the bunch! The Motion Sensor Trash Cans allow you to access your trash hands- and feet-free with the use of the motion detector. With a wave of your hand, the lid opens easily and stays open for as long as it detects motion. To close the lid, all is needed is another wave of your hand, or it auto-closes after a few seconds. 




Butterfly Lid with Step Pedal Trash Can

These sort of trash cans are very similar to the Step Pedal Trash Can. Instead of opening as a single lid, these types of trash cans have two lids that open simultaneously for that unique butterfly open. That makes Butterfly Lid Trash Can perfect for low clearance areas under pantry shelves or countertops. This trash can generally is opened with a step pedal which allows you to open the lid hands free, and the lid to have a soft, silent close.


Trash Can with an Open Top

These heavy-duty, commercial trash cans are typical for a business or office space. The can’s large open top is great for high traffic areas and helps ensure the trash efficiently makes it into the can. The large opening is also great for bulkier items or throwing out multiple items at once, such as when emptying a tray or clearing off a table.



We hope this guide helps you make a decision on what type of trash can you will need for your space. Feel free to reach out to us if you would have any questions about the type of trash cans we mentioned!




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