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Five Room Organization Ideas That’ll Instantly Declutter Your Home

by Household Essentials • September 26, 2019

With as long as it takes to declutter your home (and as quickly as it takes to reclutter it), all of our homes could seriously benefit from some foolproof room organization ideas. The great George Carlin classically described a house as nothing but “a pile of stuff with a cover on it.” The problem is, we’ll often find ourselves with too much stuff and too little house. Fortunately, you CAN get your house in order and make the most of your space without having to hold a liquidation sale for the neighborhood.
The question is… where do we put all this stuff? Here are some quick and simple hacks to try:

Add functional storage

You don’t need to box up your extra blankets, your kids’ or pets’ toys or that mess of electronics accessories and remote controls. A couple of handy and decorative storage ottomans could be just what you need. They’ll look great in any room and serve aptly as end table replacements or as extra seating for your guests. And, of course, they’ll make those last-minute cleaning sessions a breeze as you can easily stash away your clutter in a matter of seconds.


Vacuum Bags Are Your Friend

So all your stuff is finally neatly in place. Great! Now it’s time to REALLY maximize that closet space once and for all. With a few inexpensive vacuum bags, you can literally TRIPLE your closet space. Vacuum bags are a great way to store away heavy winter coats, jackets, sweaters, comforters or blankets during the summer months. They’re also a great way to store extra pillows!


An Over The Door Hanger Can Be A Lifesaver

With a little bit of planning, even the smallest of closets can do wonders in terms of getting your things organized. Over the door pantry units like this one can be handy for more than just food or kitchen appliances. Consider using one to store umbrellas, gloves, hats, flashlights, towels, DVDs and Blu-Rays, games or toys. Or use this one and get your jewelry or makeup collection in order.


You’re Human (Embrace It)

The truth is, no matter how careful you are about keeping your house clutter-free and showroom quality, we’re human. It doesn’t always work like that. There’s nothing wrong with designating a “junk drawer” or “clutter corner” of sorts. Just make sure that you stay one step ahead of your instincts by utilizing storage bins or baskets. That way, clutter stays corralled and doesn’t get strewn about the room as easily. Plus, it’s always easy to pick up and tuck away in an “emergency cleaning” pinch!

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