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Different Types Of Wicker Furniture For Your Home

by Household Essentials • July 12, 2021

Wicker furniture is a timeless way of producing furniture that has survived the changing home decor trends over the course of 5,000 years. The word Wicker originates from the words “wika”  which means “to bend” and “vickker” which means “willow”. The important thing to note when shopping for wicker furniture is that Wicker refers to the type of weave. Under the different types of wicker (weaves), there are different types of materials. Willow, water hyacinth, cattail, seagrass, banana leaf, and paper rope are several popular materials used for wicker furniture.


Keep reading to learn more about each one!


Paper Rope


Paper Rope Wicker consists of man-made fiber called kraft paper that is tightly twisted, chemically treated, and woven together. This material was invented in the early 1900’s to recreate Victorian-Era Wicker furniture at a lower cost. Today, this type of material is being used for basic things such as laundry baskets for everyday use as well as outdoor furniture. 


Water Hyacinth


Water Hyacinth is an aquatic plant that have slender leaves that can be dried and woven together to create strong wicker furniture pieces with beautiful weave designs such as the round floor basket.




Cattail Wicker consists of a light-brown leaf called cattail that is thin, but strong when woven together. They are used to weave seat chairs and baskets like this lightweight basket.



Seagrass creates a rustic look with its dark brown color and rough texture like in this beautiful woven basket. Seagrass are marine flowering plants found along coasts across the world in shallow water. Wicker furniture created using Seagrass are commonly known to be eco-friendly and just as durable as other types of materials.  


Banana Leaf

Much like the Water Hyacinth leaf, banana leaves are large, flexible and waterproof. Banana Leaf trees grow in tropical areas such as rainforests. They have many uses, but one main one is creating baskets such as these beautiful storage baskets. When woven together, banana leaves create a charming light brown/dark brown rustic look.



Now that you know more about Wicker furniture, will you be incorporating any of these types of wicker furniture into your home decor?


Let us know in the comments!





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