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Creating a Cozy Living Room

by Household Essentials • September 30, 2020

Cozy isn’t just a look, it is also the feeling of warmth, safety and contemptment. Creating a cozy living room can be a fun ordeal especially when the holidays are right around the corner! Whether you like to cozy-up with a fur blanket and read a good book or lie in front of the fireplace to watch a movie, having a cozy home is something that we all enjoy. 


Our Ashwood Collection offers just the cozy look that you may be looking for! The Ashwood finish has a distressed wood grain laminate that looks like reclaimed wood with gray-brown tones that are quite lovely. Check out our collection below to achieve the Ashwood look in your living room before the holiday season!


Ashwood Open Cubby Coffee Table

Do you need some extra storage in your living room, but want to have a cohesive look. The Ashwood Open Cubby Coffee Table is a sleek coffee table with 3 dividers underneath where you can store items or place a storage bin like our canvas storage box for enclosed storage. 

Ashwood Wide Modular Shelf

For even more storage in your living room, our Ashwood Wide Modular Shelves are ideal for displaying books, picture frames, and figurines.Since it is a low shelf by design, these shelves can easily fit underneath windows, mirrors, and large clocks. 


Ashwood Low Square End Table

This little cube side table is perfectly set aside of a couch or bedside. With it’s black steel frame, the sleek and simple Ashwood Low Square End Table creates a sense of space and lightness that makes it ideal for small spaces. 


Ashwood 5-Shelf Storage Tower

The tall 5-Shelf Storage Tower is perfect for additional storage within a living room and bedroom. This design of the Storage tower allows for various storage options from using storage bins to openly storing books, decorations, candles, and the like!


We hope this gives you inspiration to create your own cozy space!


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