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A Complete Back to School Checklist: Homeschool Edition

by Household Essentials • July 20, 2021

Summer is in full swing, but school may be on your mind. Afterall, school starts next month (which is August) for most! Back to School for homeschooling parents is an entirely different experience. Instead of just shopping for clothes, homeschooling parents are also buying all of the supplies that school districts usually supply. That is why we put together this Complete Back to School Checklist just for homeschooling parents!

We hope you find this helpful!

Ashwood Modular Large Top Desk

1. Desk and Chair: Setting up a dedicated workstation is crucial for focus and success.
2. Lamp: For that extra lighting when needed.
3. Writing Utensils: Pens, Pencils, Sharpies, highlighters, etc.
4. Colored Pencils: For coloring books and crafts.
5. Paper: Loose leaf, ruled and blank paper.
6. Rolls of Paper: These are handy for arts and crafts sessions.
7. Notebooks: Great for keeping notes all in one place.
8. Sketchbooks: For those kids who like to draw or doodle their ideas.
9. Coloring Books: Educational coloring books are a great way to learn!
10. Erasers: For writing and math assignments.
11. Ruler: Getting different sizes of rulers would be ideal.
12. Pencil Sharpener: Always handy to have a sharpener on hand.
13. Glue: Liquid or Stick
14. Scissors: Remember to get the safety versions!
15. 3 Hole Punch: For a quick way to punch holes in a loose leaf paper and place in a binder.

Plastic Bins with Wooden Handles

16. Storage Bins: This is an excellent way to store books, arts and crafts supplies, and other loose items all in space. 
17. Backpack: Essential for carrying books and supplies.
18. Pencil Box: A great way to organize writing utensils all in one place.
19. Flashcards: Blank flashcards and/or premade flashcards are a great way to learn facts.
20. Binders: Place all the loose leaf papers in one place.
21. Folders: The ones with the 3 Hole Punch are best.
22. Post-It-Notes: Helps put ideas on paper quickly. They are great for brainstorming sessions!
23. Paper Clips: The perfect alternative to stapling papers.
24. Page Protectors: Great for protecting papers/assignments/syllabi. Also perfect for dry-erase marker use.
25. Stapler: Can choose from a large stapler or a compact mini-stapler. 
26. Planner: Helps to plan out a productive day full of learning and fun activities!
27. USB Drive: To transfer files from computers and/or other electronics.
28. Calculator: Essential for learning math.

Cube Wall Shelves

29. Bookshelves: House all the wonderful books full of knowledge and wisdom.
30. Computer: Essential for the modern student.
31. Printer: Nice to have when printing is needed. Those trips to Kinkos add up!
32. Laminator: A compact laminator is a nice-to-have, but necessarily needed.
33. White Board: Great for demonstrating and keeping your students engaged.
34. Dry Erase Markers: To use on the white board and page protectors.
35. World Map: Inspire young minds to see the world.
36. Globe: A great learning tool!
37. First Aid Kit: For those unexpected times.
38. Premade or Prepackaged Lunches: Saves time during the day, so that you can focus on teaching and not cooking. 
39. Dictionary: The ultimate word-learning tool.
40. Puzzles: Just for fun! They are great for keeping the mind stimulated.

Are you a homeschooling parent? Is there anything you would add to the list?

Let us know in the comments!


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