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Common Questions about Outdoor Dryers

by Household Essentials • April 13, 2021
Outdoor Drying can be very rewarding for many reasons such as saving money on the utility bill, being more eco-friendly, and less damaging for clothing. However, there may still be some questions that you may have, Here are four very common questions that our customers have asked about Outdoor Dryers.

How easy is the dryer to use?

Outdoor dryers usually open and close like an umbrella. A slide on the center post moves up and down to raise and lower the lines. Most dryers are stiff at first, and then loosen up as they are used.
Installing a dryer does take a little extra time, but after installation, the dryer is durable and dependable! See question three below for more on the installation of an outdoor dryer.


Can I adjust the line?

A well-designed outdoor dryer should have adjustable lines. And it should be relatively easy to do. All Household Essentials dryers use the 'shoe lace' style of a long line that feeds through the dryer. This spreads along with the entire dryer for less drag on one area.
When restringing, buy about 5 feet more clothesline than the dryer's 'drying space'. Example: 210 feet of drying space = approx. 215 feet of clothesline for restringing.

How does the dryer install?

All outdoor dryers should be installed in concrete and a ground sleeve which helps protect them from the wind and other weather conditions. Both protect the dryer from toppling over. 
A ground sleeve is important because it is a plastic tube that goes directly into the concrete to hold the dryer's pole. This way, it's possible to take the dryer down during bad weather and during the winter seasons.
Can I trust the manufacturer?
Trusting the manufacturer you buy from is very important. You always have to look at the quality of materials and reviews. Even then, it takes time to gain that special trust from the manufacturer. Always take a look at the specifications of the dryer as well as the reviews from the customers. You can always call the manufacturer as well and ask them about their products. The quality of their customer service will also prove the quality of the company. 
Do you have any more questions about Outdoor Dryers? Feel free to reach out to our customer service team or on any of our social media platforms. We would be happy to chat with you!
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