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Cherry Pitting 101 - A How-to-Guide on Preparing Cherries for Jam

by Household Essentials • June 01, 2021



Summer is the time for sunshine, beach days, and fun with family and friends. It is also the perfect time to make cherry jam! Cherries are in season between May and July, depending on where you live. Cherries are known for their sweet, juicy tart taste which for some reason tastes better on a hot summer day.


To kick off summer we put together a guide on how to prepare your cherries the easy way before making a delicious cherry jam. Without a cherry pitter tool, separating the seed from the cherry can be a very long and painful process. Luckily, there are cherry pitting tools like the Leifheit Cherry Pitter that does this process in seconds. 


We will show you how to assemble and use the tool, so that you can get to making your yummy cherry jam in no time!


Assembling the Cherry Pitter



The first step is to lay out all of the pieces of the cherry pitter set. It comes with a total of 5 pieces. 



The second step is to grab the pitter mechanism and spring and place the spring within the hole of the pitter mechanism.



The third step is to fit the rod from the handle within the spring. Then squeeze the side of the pitter mechanism and push the handle down until it locks into place.



It will look like one piece.




The fourth step is to snap the clear tray to the top tray. You will see that they have the same shape so that it will snap into place easily. 



And Viola!




For the fifth step, you will take the handle that was assembled earlier and set it within the groves at the tip. It will snap into place.


Using the Cherry Pitter


The Cherry Pitting process is very simple and easy! 




First, you grab the unpitted cherry and place it in the top tray. Then press down on the handle.



Then the cherry will be forced out on the other end. Make sure you have a bowl on the other end to catch the pitted cherry.



There you have it! After you have pitted all the cherries needed, you can be on your way to making your amazing cherry jam recipe!


Did you find this guide helpful, let us know by commenting on our post or sending us a comment here


Happy Cherry Pitting!


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