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6 Innovative Leifheit Products for Spring Cleaning your Home

by Household Essentials • March 08, 2021
Here are six innovative spring cleaning products that will help make your spring cleaning easier and more efficient!

Leifheit Rotating Microfiber Mop and Bucket Set

What makes this mop and bucket so revolutionary is the mechanism within the handle syncing with the mechanism within the mop bucket. This mechanism spins water and dirt out of the mop quickly and easily--without laborious foot operation and without putting your hands in dirty water. The mechanism from Leifheit is hidden inside the mop handle. A simple pumping action starts the rotation. With a built-in stop mechanism that lets you control how wet or dry your mop head is, it's the perfect tool for a precise clean. The Clean Twist Set includes: The CLEAN TWIST Mop, microfiber head, and universal 5-gallon bucket


Say goodbye to having to twist out the dirty water with your hands with this innovative mop and bucket set by Leifheit!


Leifheit Clean Twist Rectangle Mop/Sweeper Set

With the same patented technology within the handle as the Leifheit Mop and Bucket system, the Clean Twist Rectangle Mop/Sweeper Set comes with a rectangular floor mop and multi-surface microfiber pad. The Rectangle shape of the microfiber mop helps clean those hard to reach corners in any room. Although the set comes with an all-purpose microfiber pad, there are two other pad textures that you can purchase separately for custom cleaning solutions. There is the Extra Soft Microfiber Cleaning Pad for parquet, laminate and wood floors and the Static Plus Dry Duster for smooth floors and quick cleans between mopping.


Leifheit Picobello Floor Wiper

This simple, but innovative floor wiper is perfect for cleaning hardwood, laminate, marble and ceramic tiled floors. It is easy to use and comes fully assembled! It has a convenient squeeze feature that presses the mop head together to remove excess water. Simply push the trident down over the head, then click it back into place. 

You never have to touch dirty water or a dirty mop head. The eco-friendly mop head mounts securely to handle and can be reused, washed, and reused again and again!


Leifheit Cabino Squeegee

The smartly designed squeegee washes and dries porcelain, ceramic, marble, glass and other bathroom surfaces. It is made of rubber for strength and flexibility and features a convenient hanging cord so that you can hang the squeegee in your shower. At 9.4 inches wide, it is sized for effective sweeps for a cleaner space in less time. Its comfortable handle and convenient hanging cord make is a must have addition to your shower and bath. It is a quick clean will keep your bathroom looking its best.



Leifheit Venetian Blind Cleaner

The nifty, handheld Venetian Blind Cleaner by Leifheit comes with two microfiber pads on two panels that clean the top and bottom of a blind simultaneously with a squeeze of the handle. Easy cleaned with water and detergent, this blind cleaner is an essential cleaning tool for any home or office with blinds. 


Leifheit Click System Duster XL

This extra long duster utilizes a resourceful and innovative Click System that can be used as a handheld duster or as an attachment for the Leifheit Click System.The duster is made of anti-static, super-tight microfiber that draws dust away from surfaces like a magnet. Its soft fibers adapt to nearly any surface, moving seamlessly from table tops to the knick-knacks on them. The sturdy handle rests comfortably in your hand, curving for a more ergonomic cleaning experience.  Altogether, the duster is 22.6-inch long, helping you dust the hard-to-reach places. And as part of Leifheit's Click System, this duster can be paired with different handles so you can reach every crevice in your home. From the floorboards to your vaulted ceiling, having the clean home you've always wanted is easier than you ever thought it could be.


To learn more about the innovative Leifheit Click System you can click any of the links below. 


Here are three handles to choose from for the Leifheit Click System:


Leifheit Click System Extra Long Telescoping Handle--Aluminum


Leifheit Click System Long Telescoping Handle with Joint--Steel


Leifheit Click System Telescoping Handle--Steel


These three handles can click with any of the eight following heads (which allows for different cleaning solutions with the same handle!)


Leifheit Click System Squeegee Window Washer Head Attachment


Leifheit Click System Squeegee Powerslide Head Attachment


Leifheit Click System Bath Scrubber Flexi Pad Head Attachment


Leifheit Click System Floor Squeegee Head Attachment


Leifheit Click System 3-in-1 Rubber Broom Attachment


Leifheit Click System Duster XL


Leifheit Click System High Duster Head Attachment


Leifheit Click System Clean & Away Floor Wiper Head Attachment


We hope these innovative, efficient, and resourceful cleaning products help you tackle your spring cleaning!

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