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5 Steps to Prevent Moths from Moving In

by Household Essentials • October 28, 2016

No one wants their favorite coats and sweaters eaten by moths.  And getting rid of moths once you have them is hard work!  But preventing them from moving in is simpler than you think.  Following these 5 simple steps goes a long way toward preventing moths from infesting your closets. 
  1.  Wash everything you bring into your home, on hot if possible. 

    This is especially true of any cloth goods or clothing from thrift stores, second-hand shops, etc.  Washing clothes can dislodge any eggs that might be on the clothes that you don’t see.  Keeping moths from getting started is the best first step.

  2. Wash everything before it goes into storage. 

    Even if it's already clean.  The idea is to wash off anything that may have made a home on your clothes without you knowing about it.  Just as with new things, washing clothes rinses off anything that might have gotten added while you weren’t looking.  Don’t freak out.

  3. Freeze what you can’t wash.

    Some things can’t survive a hot water bath, so bag them in a zipper freezer bag and stick them in the freezer for a few days.  Thaw them out, shake them off outside the house, and then repeat.

  4. Clean out closets.

    Clean out excess clothing and stuff ('out' as in get rid of!). Vacuum the floor (to remove eggs that might have fallen there).  Get rid of excess that can hide pests.  The old "spring cleaning" and "fall cleaning" were GREAT ideas.  They not only helped give the house a good airing after humid summers and stuffy winters, they cleaned out any pests who may have taken up residence.  Reinstate the tradition NOW, and benefit year round.  Besides, cleaning out clutter is wonderfully liberating.
  5. Use cedar to prevent future trouble.

    Cedar closet accessories such as cedar blocks, cedar hangers, and cedar shelf liners are the ideal preventers of infestation.  Raw cedar panels on the back or sides of the closet are a fast way to quickly create a cedar closet from any linen closet or bedroom closet.  They are also really easy to sand when the cedar scent needs a boost!  Hang coats garments on cedar hangers or use cedar rings on your existing hangers to another boost.  Tuck sachets into pockets and on shelves too.  Err on the side of too much over too little.  A single ring is not going to do it.  You want to make that closet a cedar oasis for you, and a regular hotel from hell for a moth.

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