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4 Ways to Discount or Free Shipping

by Household Essentials • July 22, 2016

We love online shopping, right?  We get the item we want, when we want it, without long lines, questionable overhead music choices, and too much flourescent lighting (well, depending on where we do our online shopping, I suppose).  And it comes right to our door! 

But shipping our purchases is dreadful.  Free shipping is the best option, and we snag it when we can.  Discount shipping will do.  Full price is rough, but we'll pay it when we must!

The top 3 ways to find SHIPPING DEALS!

Tip 1: Check out the promotions and deals tabs!

Most websites have them.  These items might have limited quantities or be seasonal specials.  Either way--and for whatever reason--they are being promoted.  Promotions might be a discounted price OR it might be a shipping offer.  It could be both!  If you like a good deal, though: check out the promotions, deals, and specials tabs.

(We even have Promotions on where we sneak in some free shipping on that month's best-selling items!)

Tip 2: Buy in quantity.

For websites that don't offer promotions, per se, there may be a shipping deals on all orders over $XYZ.  This can be a great way to soften the shipping blow.  Try to consolidate online orders to qualify for these kind of offers when you can.

Tip 3: Leave product reviews.

It's a little shared fact, but many times a review leads to a reward.  This is because reviews drive online sales.  Think about it: when was the last time you purchased something without reading up on it first?  Reviews are the internet's way of asking a neighbor.  So, many companies reward those who take the time to review product with "thank you" discounts.  It's not full-proof, of course.  Some companies don't do it.  Some do it occasionally.  Some do it only for recently purchased items.  Still, it's worth the effort because discounted shipping can really save serious funds.

Tip 4: Actually USE the emailed coupons and discount codes!

Lots of free-shipping or discount-shipping codes just linger in inboxes, unused, dusty, and forgotten.  Search them out and USE those discounts!  Even if it has been awhile, many discount codes will work after their time.

What other ways have you found to great shipping? Share your tips in the comments below.