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12 Things You Can Do Today To Create the Ultimate Spa Bathroom Experience

by Household Essentials • August 13, 2021

We humans spend a lot of time in the bathroom, if you stop and think about it. Many of us don’t spend a lot of time creating a calm and relaxing bathroom experience because it is just a place where we do our “business”. However, spending the time to create a spa-like bathroom experience can help you enjoy your bathroom because, after all, you spend so much time there.
Now, let’s get started on creating the ultimate spa bathroom experience!

  1. Deep Clean - First thing is first, keeping a clean bathroom is the first must of creating a spa bathroom experience. Have a storage bin or door mount under the sink where you can store all of your cleaning supplies and extra toiletries such as toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. If you want to go the extra mile, you can invest in the more eco-friendly cleaning supplies for that more natural scent.

  1. Spend Some Time Organizing - Much like cleaning, having an organized bathroom is also a foundational must for a spa bathroom experience. Make sure everything has a place. Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration!
    • Install an Over-the-Toilet Organizer.
    • You can use a drawer organizer to keep things separated.
    • Glass jars are great for storing smaller things such as q-tips, cotton balls, or soap bars.
    • Stackable Trays are great for making the most of the space under the sink.
    • Hanging Shower Caddies are great for organizing all of the shampoos, conditioners, and loofahs in one place. 
    • Storage cubes are great for organizing linens and towels or extra supplies. 

This can be a fun process once you are in the thick of it. We challenge you to get creative with your storage solutions!
  1. Upgrade Your Soap, Lotions, and Cleaning Supplies - Who doesn’t like aromatic soaps, lotions and cleaning supplies. Making this simple upgrade can have your bathroom smelling like a spa in no time. 
  1. Update Your Shower Curtain - A shower curtain is a huge part of the bathroom’s aesthetic. Get creative with the colors you choose. Maybe have a Black-Splash that matches the shower curtain to tie the bathroom aesthetic all together. Which leads us to our next thing...
  1. Install a Peel and Stick Black-Splash to your Walls - These are great for adding extra character to your bathroom without having to do a full remodal. While there are tile Back-Splashes, the Peel and Stick Back-Splashes are great because they are easily installed and are inexpensive. 
  1. Buy New Fluffy Towels: Face, Hand and Body Towels - Point blank, invest in some spa-worthy fluffy towels. After all, you are creating the spa experience, right?
  1. Invest in a Really Nice Bath Mat or Rug - A cushy mat or rug will just help elevate the experience that much more!
  1. Have a Compact Radio for Background Music - Create a playlist that you can play when you are starting your day and winding down from the day.

  1. Create a Basket with all of the Spa Essentials - Have a basket or bin dedicated to all of the spa essentials. Load it up with things like bath bombs, essential oils, face and foot masks, nail care items, waxing strips, etc. 
  1. Buy a Nice Bathrobe and Slippers - A bathrobe and slippers will help create the ultimate spa experience right in your own bathroom.
  1. Create Mood Lighting - You don’t need to invest in any expensive lighting here. You can purchase compact lighting that you can take out and put away. 
  1. Add Air Cleansing Plants and Candles - Finally, enliven the bathroom with beautiful plants and wonderfully scented candles. This will only elevate the spa bathroom experience! 

Does this inspire you to create the Spa Bathroom Experience in your own bathroom? What will you be adding? 

Let us know in the comments below!


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