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10 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

by Household Essentials • April 22, 2019
10 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks
The season for spring cleaning is upon us, and this list of spring cleaning tips will help you to not only give your house a deep clean, but also keep it organized and (with any luck) cleaner than usual until next spring! Here are a few of our favorite items to use to keep any space in the home clean and organized.
Organize your pantry
Without proper organization and storage solutions, most pantries, drawers, closets and cabinets can become cluttered and busy, making it difficult to see what items you have and find them when you need them. This year, while you declutter, invest in a storage solution, such as a 6 shelf rack that hangs over the pantry door. You can use this rack to store spices and other small panty items that usually lead to clutter on your pantry shelves or in drawers. Having items stored in a way that allows you to easily take stock of what you have helps you use what you have, which reduces excess product.
Invest in cabinet organization
While we’re in the kitchen, investing in proper cabinet organization will help keep cabinet spaces neat and tidy year round. A pot and pan lid organizer can help rein in untidy pot and pan cabinet spaces.
A sliding cabinet organizer doesn’t just improve the cabinet situation in your kitchen, either. These organizers can be used in any cabinet space, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or garage. Sliding cabinet shelves, in addition to keeping spaces more organized, can fully extend out of your cabinets, which makes things easier to grab and allows you to use the full space inside your cabinets, meaning you might be able to store things you ordinarily wouldn’t for fear of them being out of reach. Best of all, these organizers are affordable and easy to install on your own.
Store special occasion dishware to free up cabinet space
If you have dishware that you only use for special occasions, instead of having it take up space in your cabinets with your everyday dish and flatware, transfer this special dishware to dish storage boxes. These boxes keep your dishes protected and organized so you can put them away in another storage area. When you’re ready to use them, the clear plastic window helps you identify which box your dishes are in, and the sealed box keeps the dishes as clean as the day you put them away.
Use proper storage and organization for holiday items
Speaking of special occasion items, having the proper dedicated storage for holiday decorations and items can help reduce clutter in an attic or basement area. Having the right storage for the job, such as a wreath storage bag or ornament storage box, ensures that holiday decorations are put away properly when the holiday is over and stay organized (and dust and dirt free) until next year.
Add shelf organization
If you have shelves that you use to store a lot of loose items, whether it’s in the kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, bathroom or any other room, a matching basket set can add a decorative organization solution that still keeps everything you need accessible while reducing the look of cluttered shelf areas.
Take control of closet space
Make the most of your closet space by adding a hanging organizer. These flexible but sturdy shelves can help you eliminate clutter in your closets by providing a smart space to store accessories, articles of clothing, shoes and more. A hanging shoe shelf or sweater organizer helps you keep any essential article of clothing neat,  in sight and within reach in any closet.
Add decorative storage solutions
For clutter elsewhere in the bedroom or other living spaces, a decorative storage basket is a solution that adds both storage space and a stylish decorative element. Use one of these baskets in the living room or bedroom to house magazines and throw blankets or pillows.
Use trays to organize drawers and desktop areas
Keep desk and dresser drawers as well as dresser- or desktop areas tidy with an organizer tray. These trays come in a number of different sizes and compartment configurations, so you can likely find one to help store any items you desire. These attractive trays can be used to keep accessories, office supplies, socks and hosiery, makeup, jewelry and more organized and neatly on display.
Presort laundry and trash and keep them separated
Save yourself time (or the clutter of having more than one hamper) by investing in a double laundry sorter or a multi-compartment laundry sorter. By having separate compartments within one hamper, you can save yourself time and keep laundry in check. Having separate compartments allows you to do a load of laundry whenever one of the bags is full, rather than having to wait and sort to see if you have enough for one load.
A dual compartment trash can also help eliminate the look of clutter in your kitchen or pantry by housing bins for both recycling and trash in one sleek, durable, easy to clean trash can.
Upgrade your ironing board station
Upgrading your current ironing board to an ironing board station can help you stay organized while doing your ironing. Many of these ironing board stations have racks where you can hang freshly ironed clothes and rests for your iron, making the process go a lot smoother. Whether you have a lot of washing and ironing to do for your spring cleaning or want to invest in a solution that will benefit you year-round, you won’t regret upgrading to a more deluxe ironing set up.
With these 10 spring cleaning tips and smart organization solutions, you’ll be ready to makeover your house and make sure it stays neat and tidy until next spring!

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