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10 Christmas Traditions to Start this Year

by Household Essentials • December 08, 2021

Christmas is a season of celebrating with friends and family, of cheer, of kindness, and of course Christmas traditions. Christmas traditions seem to spread the holiday cheer and put everyone in a jolly mood. This week, we wanted to give you some ideas on Christmas traditions to start this year if you are looking for some inspiration.

  1. Make an event out of getting a fresh Christmas Tree: Getting a tree can be something that takes a long time, especially if you are going for a fresh tree. Why not make getting your Christmas tree into an event! Grab a few friends or family members to go shopping with you and then grab a bite to eat after to talk all about your new Christmas tree. 

  2. Have a Christmas Tree Decorating Party: You have a tree, but now you need to decorate it. Have a little (or big) party around decorating your Christmas tree! Put together a playlist on your favorite music streaming platform, put out some finger foods, and start decorating. This is a great way to make memories while getting your tree decorated! 

  3. Ugly Sweater Competition: What is more festive than the classic Ugly Christmas Sweater tradition? Of course, there are more festive traditions, but we think this is a pretty important one. You can start this tradition by creating a competition by having your friends or family vote on the ugliest sweater where the winner gets a surprise.

  4. Christmas Movie Marathon: Subscribe to your favorite movie streaming platform like Netflix, HBOMax, or DisneyPlus and start saving all of your favorite Christmas movies. You could pick one day to watch movies or you could watch one a night. Grab your popcorn and snacks because there will be lots of relaxation going on!

  5. Bake Christmas Cookies: What is Christmas without the smell of fresh cookies? You can even make this into an entire event by inviting friends and family over for a Cookie Decorating party!

  6. Be Intentional About Random Acts of Kindness: Christmas seems to bring out the best in people. Be on the lookout for those who are going through a hard time or need a helping hand and be kind to them. We guarantee it will leave you feeling full of holiday cheer.

  7. Have a Christmas-themed Game Night: Sip some hot cider over a good game. Some old fashioned games are Christmas Trivia, Christmas Mad Libs, Christmas Scavenger Hunt, or Christmas Bingo.

  8. Make a Gingerbread House: Buy a kit at your local supermarket and get creative with your Gingerbread house. You can even make this into a competition by voting on the most creative Gingerbread house.

  9. Look at Christmas Lights at Night: Take some time to look at the beautiful Christmas lights in your neighborhood. 

  10. Have a Hot Cocoa Bar Christmas Day: Set up a Hot Cocoa Bar for friends and family to sip on while opening presents. 


We hope this helps you spread the Christmas cheer a little more this year! 


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Happy Holidays from The Household Essentials Team


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