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Learn more about the tricks, trades, and products of making your house your home with Household Essentials Home Organization Blog! With great content from how to use your ironing board like a pro to tips for organizing and great cocktail recipes.
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Testimonials 3

by Household Essentials • August, 03, 2020
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS goal is to provide and service all customer needs. Here are a few comments from our customers. more...

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Where did the tradition of Christmas in July originate from?

by Household Essentials • July, 24, 2020
Taking out Christmas decorations in the middle of the summer? Hanging up the stockings above the chimney while it is 85 degrees outside? What is the story behind the seemingly untimely tradition? more...

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Taking Steps to Be a Happier, Healthier Person

by Household Essentials • July, 16, 2020
Life can be hectic. Whether you are a busy professional or a stay-at-home parent, we always seem to fill our schedules. We fill it with social events, an endless to-do list, well-meaning goals, and a plethora of other things. Although all those things are well and good, you simply can’t ignore the importance of taking care of yourself first. Taking care of yourself not only helps you feel better, but it also helps you show up as your best for your friends, family, and career. more...

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New Products Just in at Household Essentials

by Household Essentials • July, 13, 2020
Summer 2020 has definitely been an unforgettable one. Hopefully you have been able to accomplish things you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to accomplish. If you still find yourself quarantined or if your home is in need of fresh touch, there is no greater time than now to organize and upgrade your home. This summer, we have been working hard on some new products that we can’t wait to share with you! We put together a list of three ways that you can organize and upgrade your home this summer with some of our new products as well as with some old-time favorites. more...

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How to have a safe and fun 4th of July celebration

by Household Essentials • June, 26, 2020
Can you smell the hotdogs and hamburgers? Can you feel the splash of the ocean waves as you watch the fighter jets zoom above you for the annual Air Show? Can you taste the ice-cold ice cream as you watch the fireworks from afar? Fireworks, picnics, pool-side parties, beach gatherings, and parades all make up the fun festivities of the Fourth of July. With all the fun memories being made, it is also important to follow some simple tips that will help keep you, your family, and friends safe from any danger or accidents. We compressed several safety tips that were recommended by FEMA (The US Department of Homeland Services) and The American Red Cross so that you can take preventative measures beforehand this Fourth of July. more...

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