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Outdoor Dryer Tips: Tangles, Clothesline, and Restringing

by Household Essentials • June, 11, 2018
FAQs about outdoor dryers: tangles, more tangles, and restringing! more...

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Finding The Best Wicker Easter Basket - Our Top Picks

by HHE Staff • March, 21, 2018
It's that time of year when we start planning and filling Easter baskets. Normally reserved for kids, this tradition is now being extended to adults! Make the tradition for everyone more lasting with baskets that can be used after Easter too! more...

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What About Rust?

by Household Essentials • September, 11, 2017
We build things for outdoors, but what about rust? Is a metal umbrella dryer going to rust? Will a synthetic wicker table break? Questions. Answers. more...

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How Long Does Cedar Last?

by Household Essentials • September, 06, 2017
Like so many natural products, there's a right way to use cedar to get the most out of it. And there's a wrong way that will disappoint you. Make sure you know the difference so you can decide if cedar is right for you and your home. 'Cause it's not for everybody. more...

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The Most Underused Space in Your Home

by Household Essentials • August, 26, 2017
Behind the door. It lurks there, space--often neglected, or just as often abused as a single hook piled high with towels, robes, and handbags. There's another option. A better way . . . more...

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