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2021 Bestselling Products

by Household Essentials • April, 20, 2021
Having an organized space is a must-have for any home. That is why we are so passionate about bringing high-quality organizational household items to you. This year we had several products hit our bestseller list right on Amazon! We wanted to share the goodness with you by sharing some of our favorites products on the bestseller list. more...

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Common Questions about Outdoor Dryers

by Household Essentials • April, 13, 2021
Outdoor Drying can be very rewarding for many reasons such as saving money on the utility bill, being more eco-friendly, and less damaging for clothing. However, there may still be some questions that you may have, Here are four very common questions that our customers have asked about Outdoor Dryers. more...

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The Top 4 Benefits of Drying your Clothes Outdoors

by Household Essentials • March, 25, 2021
Can you feel the spring weather coming? With that comes a whole array of household things you can do. There is spring cleaning, gardening, and finally having the chance to dry clothes outside amidst the sunshine. However, there are plenty of indoor dryers that will also do the trick if outdoor drying isn’t an option. Although Indoor or Outdoor Dryers aren’t the most convenient, there are still several benefits to outdoor dryers that could make it worthwhile. more...

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Two Eco-Friendly Ways to Go Green This St. Patrick's Day

by Household Essentials • March, 11, 2021
It is that time of year to bring out the collection of green t-shirts, socks, and shamrock-themed party favors. Even in the midst of these interesting times, St. Patrick's Day can be celebrated in many ways. With the right community and spirit, the traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day can persist. Celebrate this year with us by going green! Not with green clothes, but by adopting more eco-friendly, green habits. Here are two ways that you can go Green this St. Patrick’s Day! more...

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6 Innovative Leifheit Products for Spring Cleaning your Home

by Household Essentials • March, 08, 2021
Here are six innovative spring cleaning products that will help make your spring cleaning easier and more efficient! more...

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