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What is Wicker and What is it Made from?

by Household Essentials • October, 16, 2019
Wicker furniture is found in many homes around the world and is considered to be a very durable, sturdy type of furniture that can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses. However, many might not know that Wicker has an extensive history that spans 5,000 years to the present day. It is actually to be considered the oldest type of furniture-making technique in the history of the world. Ancient Egyptians are the supposed inventors of Wicker furniture. It was from Egyptian culture that Wicker furniture was passed on to other Ancient Civilizations, eventually to Rome spreading to European countries, and then finally arriving to America on the Mayflower in the form of a baby carriage. more...

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Five Room Organization Ideas That’ll Instantly Declutter Your Home

by Household Essentials • September, 26, 2019
With as long as it takes to declutter your home (and as quickly as it takes to reclutter it), all of our homes could seriously benefit from some foolproof room organization ideas. more...

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The Seven Best Kitchen Gadgets to Have in 2019

by Household Essentials • September, 26, 2019
When it comes to the best kitchen gadgets, your collection is never complete. There’s always a handy tool to make every kitchen task—from the mundane and effortless to the grueling and complex—just a bit simpler. We’re talking about the kind of game-changer product that makes you wonder how you ever functioned as a breathing human being before being introduced to it. more...

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Fun, Functional and Stylish College Room Decor

by Household Essentials • August, 05, 2019
Whether your student is moving into a dorm or their first apartment, they’re going to need the right college room decor. Here are a few of our favorite options to add flair and function. more...

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The Essential Dorm Packing List

by Household Essentials • August, 05, 2019
Before you send your student off to college for the first time, make sure they’ve got everything they need by referencing this essential dorm packing list. more...

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