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Household Storage and Organization

Household Essentials brings you a wide array of solutions for your home and family!  We have what you need for home, travel, storage, organization, laundry and decor!  Check out the variety of creative solutions we offer and discover the home you've always wanted.

Laica Water Pitchers leave Calcium and Magnesium

Did you know that water is supposed to be a nutrient? Calcium and Magnesium* – essential minerals for healthy bones, teeth and muscles – should be in water.  In fact, the presence of these minerals is what makes water a nutrient and good for you.  Unfortunately, many filtered water systems that strip away bad chemicals also strip away good minerals, leaving nothing there but empty liquid.  It is chemical water, but it is not nutrient water. So ask yourself – and your water filter pitcher – are you a “mineral stripper”? *The minerals present in the water are fundamental elements for human health, as declared by the World Health Organization.  The Laica Mineralbalance difference**: Laica Mineralbalance water filtration systems strip away the bad stuff, but not the good stuff.  When you use a Laica Mineralbalance water filtration pitcher, your water stays a nutrient.  So you really get all the benefits of 8 glasses a day!   Laica Mineralbalance water filtration system does NOT strip water of its essential minerals, and it’s easy and convenient to use. **Studies conducted by independent laboratories show that the Laica bi-flux system offers an exclusive mineral balance formula that helps to preserve the balance of calcium and magnesium that is naturally present in tap water as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The LAICA Stream 3000 Series The highest quality and best value without compromising elegance and functionality Takes up less space in the refridgerator (even fits in the most doors) Fills and re-fills without taking off the lid Pours from filtered water compartment only 9.7 cup / 2.3 liter capacity (5 cup / 1.2 liter filtered at a time) The ultimate in Water Filtration Maintains essential mineral balance in water that other water filter pitchers and systems take out Strips out chemicals introduced during water treatment and transport through pipes    

Laundry: Solutions to Conquer the Load

Conquer laundry day with simple and effective laundry solutions that work Household Essentials® makes laundry day less of a chore year round with innovative solutions to your everyday laundry quandaries. Reduce energy cost and waste with indoor and outdoor dryers. Organize and collect laundry before wash day with a wide assortement of hamprs, sorters, laundry bags and laundry centers for fit nearly every style, budget, and living space. Find the small accessory items like clips, clothespins, washbags, and dryer balls that you didn't even know you needed, too! 

Cedar Fresh Care: Natural Freshness and Protection

It's USA cedar: fresh, quality, and the best protection for clothing and linens. Cedar Fresh® products are the finest in natural home storage and protection. Always made from 100% aromatic red cedar that is harvested from non-endangered renewable forests. This self-renewing resource naturally freshens and protects your Chemical-free ~ Safe for home ~ Highly effective natural protections ~ Freshening ~ Repels moths, mildew, and mustiness ~ With lavender-infused options!

Ironing Solutions: Exactly What Fits

Household Essentials® knows ironing boards.  We've been in the business for a very long time.  Find your next ironing board here, with all the accessories you want and need to make ironing less of a chore.  

Leifheit USA: Products that Impress

  LEIFHEIT always a better idea.   Leifheit is the leading provider of household products in Europe.  And it has been for over 50 years. That's the kind of experience and know-how we want in our homes.  Leifheit combines technology with superior quality and performance to make products for home that make life easier and more convenient.  They are experts in cleaning, ironing, laundry, and kitchen.  This means they make meaningful, well-designed products with modern, timeless design for the heart of the home.  Soehnle scales are known for their reliability, easy of use, and pioneering design.  Soehnle makes kitchen scales and bathroom scales that make a life in balance a more accessible lifestyle. With precision and craft as only German-engineering provides, Leifheit brings powerful solutions to household dilemmas, so you have better solutions with better results, and more time for other things.  Leifheit and Soehnle brand products are distributed in North America exclusively by Household Essentials® and can be found online and in stores.  Retailers interested in carrying Leifheit and Soehnle products, please contact Household Essentials®.

The Lifter Hamper™--as seen on Shark Tank!

This innovative is no ordinary hamper.  It actually brings the bottom of the hamper to you!  No more bending!  No more twisting!  No more reaching into corners!  The incredibly smart design of the Lifter Hamper™ truly makes laundry day easier and more accessible for everyone. Let your hamper bring your laundry to you and make laundry day easier on your back.


KROSNO Artisan Glassware and Decor KROSNO glass embraces extraordinary, to bring you beautiful, artisan glass to honor the extraordinary moments of everyday life.   Its glassware and decorative glass is carefully crafted, and has been for nearly a century.  Made in the glass region of Poland, KROSNO glass is time-tested quality, full of old-world charm and elegance, with a modern understanding of form and function.  It is KROSNO glassware that you want on your dining room table and KROSNO decorative glass you want accenting your home.  

Home Decor: Function and Style Tailored to You

Discover an array of smart and stylish home decor! With great ideas for storage and organization that mascarades as decoration, enjoy great looking products and smart storage in one!  PLEASE NOTE: Many Household Essentials® decorative items are hand-finished, and so may vary slightly from item pictured.  

Organization: Creative Solutions for Home

Household Essentials helps you organize your closet, drawers, cabinets, and doors!  Transform clutter and underused areas into a truly useful and organized space.  Our innovating storage gear will help you do it.  Discover soft-sided closets systems.  Storage bags for inside and outside.  Shoe racks and truely unique behind-the-door storage.  And of course, an extensive line of under-cabinet kitchen and bathroom storage.  Hang, stack, slide, and glide your way into a well-organized home. It's your home.  Household Essentials help you organize it.

Storage: Classic and Colorful Boxes, Bins, Bags and Cubbies

Household Essentials® helps you manage your home, family, and seasons with innovative storage solutions that make your life more beautiful and efficient.  We have boxes and bins to organize your closet, stack in cubbies, or functionally decorate your living space. China storage boxes keep you china and stemware organized and protected.  MightyStor® Storage Vacuum Bags make compact storage as easy as vacuuming.  And we've got your holiday and seasonal storage covered, too: from ornaments and trees, to wreaths, wrapping paper, and china. Make everyday your way with practical and innovative storage solutions that delight, from our Household to yours.

Trash Cans: Keeping Even the Trash Tidy

Household Essentials® is in the business of trash cans--the kind of trash cans that make a statement.  We have warm classic wicker for the bedroom or bath.  Easy-to-install sliding trash cans for the kitchen keep kitchen trash and recyclables completely out of sight.  And, of course, we offer the elegant, modern EKO trash cans, with hands-free operation, fingerprint-proof finishes, and superior design. Household Essentials® helps you manage your trash to keep your home tidy.  

Wicker: Natural Furniture and Accessories for Home

Check out the full collection of Household Essentials Wicker--in a variety of weaves and materials to match your style and need! All Household Essentials® Wicker is beautifully woven by hand for that artisan touch.  From floor and blanket baskets to storage trunks and decorative table baskets--and now a growing line of indoor and outdoor tables, ottomans, and trays--wicker continues to be a favorite for home decor. And because this is Household, we do our best to make sure our pieces are both beautiful and functional, with plenty of storage space and plenty of style. PLEASE NOTE: All Household Essentials® wicker is hand woven.  As such, all dimensions are approximate.  Product may vary somewhat from the dimensions listed.

Travel: Style and Organization On-the-Go

Household Essentials® helps you stay put together wherever you are with coordinated travel accessories.  Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, we have the gear to get you there: travel bags to organize your cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, accessories; specialty bags for ties and flat irons; even rolling carts for shopping or traveling to the laundromat!  And be sure to check out our luggage racks--a perfect accessory to welcome guests.  Even Leifheit gets into the action with their innovative, easy-to-use luggage scale.   Household Essentials® makes it easy to get home.

Replacement Parts

Check here for replacement parts and replacement bags for some of our Household Essentials® products.  Please call us at 1-800-922-5524 if you cannot find what you are looking for!

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