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Trash Krusher

Item#: TK10

Patented manual trash compactor system with quiet operation and all the features of a top-tier trash can.

Patented manual trash compactor system with quiet operation and all the features of a top-tier trash can.
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The TK®10 Trash Krusher looks like a modern stainless steel trash can with a soft touch pedal and a slow-closing lid, but inside this attractive 10-gallon can is a unique, patented manual trash compactor system.  It's easy to use and quiet.  Just grab the handle on the lid and push.  Your household trash will be crushed. No special bags or electricity is required--just the force of your hand.  You’ll get twice as much trash in every bag.  A switch lets the lid remain open for longer clean-up jobs and to make it easy to empty the trash and change the bags.  And the unique locking mechanism ensures that the bag is secured until it is time to take it out.  The Trash Krusher is also easy to clean.  Just detach the compaction device from the lid and rinse it with soapy water.

Us Patent #8,584,886 B1


  • Patented compaction device that fits into lid with clips and magnets
  • Lid opens with soft-touch foot pedal
  • Locking device holds lid open
  • Slow close features
  • 26 inches high, 16 inches wide, and 13 inches deep
  • Fingerprint-resisitant stainless steel
  • Bag-locking mechanism
  • Saves money--users fewer trash bags each week
  • Convenient—fewer trips to the curb
  • US Patent #8,584,886 B1
  • 10 year warranty

Color: Stainless Steel

26 inches high, 16 inches wide, and 13 inches deep

How do I fix the damper? Click here!

One of the pins which connects the lid came out and is missing. How can I fix this problem?
You have a few options: (1) If your TK trash krusher trash can is still under warranty and the missing pin is not the result of trash can abuse, contact our customer service directly with your proof of purchase ready! (2) Check out your local hardware store for a 1/8 inch diameter lynch or cotter pin. Or (3) use a large safety pin in a pinch! Finally, if something dastardly happened to your trash can or it is worn out from many years of good use, it may simply be time to replace it.
The lid slams down and the lid to push the trash falls in the can. The soft close no longer works. Is there a fix for this?
Yes, usually. The lid works on a damper system. The TK10 was designed so that you could reattach the damper in case it ever disconnects (many other cans have this enclosed so you can't get to it). In brief: remove the black covering on the lower back of the can (you'll need to release it from inside the can). Push the damper (gold cylindrical pump with a green head that looks a bit like a large pencil eraser) back into vertical alignment inside the clamp. That should repair your soft-close function! Then, just reattach the damper cover.
Is the Trash Krusher covered under warranty if I buy it off amazon or another retailer?
Great question! As long as the Trash Krusher is a real Trash Krusher and you are the original purchaser of the item from an authorized dealer, then absolutely yes! When buying from Amazon, make sure you are buying new and that Amazon is both the seller and the shipper. When buying from other retailers, be sure that it is a reputable retailer and not a marketplace that sells secondhand or used items. Warranties are non-transferable, so we do not warrant TK's that might be sold on eBay, purchased at a garage sale, or purchased via other second-hand methods. As always, to execute a warranty, we'll need your dated proof of purchase that shows the amount you paid for your item.
Do I need to register my TK trash krusher?
Great question. No, it is no longer necessary to register your product. We ask that you keep your receipt should any issue arise.
Are replacement compaction device and inside barrel available?
Compaction device, yes! Give us a call at 1-800-922-5524. At this time, we do not stock liners, but go ahead and mention it when you call. There's always a first!

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