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Trash Cans: Keeping Even the Trash Tidy

Household Essentials® is in the business of trash cans--the kind of trash cans that make a statement.  We have warm classic wicker for the bedroom or bath.  Easy-to-install sliding trash cans for the kitchen keep kitchen trash and recyclables completely out of sight.  And, of course, we offer the elegant, modern EKO trash cans, with hands-free operation, fingerprint-proof finishes, and superior design.

Household Essentials® helps you manage your trash to keep your home tidy.

EKO: Modern, Hands-Free Trash Cans

EKO trash cans blend modern design with practical technology for a convenient hands-free trash can for your kitchen or bath.  Also find sleek recycling bins for your kitchen, mudroom, or garage.

Glidez: Sliding Under-Cabinet Trash Cans

Stronger ~ Smarter ~ Steadier Glidez under cabinet organizers transform cluttered, unorganized under cabinets!  With superior construction and professional-grade materials that far outlasts and out-performs the competitions, Glidez under cabinet organizers make heavy-duty kitchen remodel as simple as quick-fit installation: line it up, drill it, and screw it in place.  Pre-assembled glides mean organization comes easy--and kitchen cabinets become useful.

TK Krusher

TK10 Trash Krusher™ puts up to twice the trash in every bag, so you take out the trash less often!  It's a manual trash compactor that quick, clean, and easy to use.  It helps reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills too!

Trash Bags: Plastic Trash Can Liners

Trash can liners work best when they are about the same size as the trash can.  Find a wide variety of liner sizes here, especially suited for EKO Trash Cans.

Wicker: Open Wicker Trash Cans

These classic wicker trash cans come come in a variety of weaves and colors for an elegant way to manage your trash.  Perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. NOTICE: All Household Essentials® wicker is hand woven.  As such, all dimensions are approximate.  Product may vary somewhat from the dimensions listed.

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